Season 1, Episode 1 Summary

Iris works painting dolls alongside her twin sister, and dreams of leaving her claustrophobic life. When she meets Silas, a taxidermist, and then Louis a painter, she is offered an opportunity to escape. But this opportunity comes with huge risk.

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The Doll Factory Show Summary

Set in London in 1850, The Doll Factory tells the story of Iris, who paints dolls for a living alongside her twin sister, Rose, and dreams of becoming an artist and by night secretly paints herself naked. Silas is a taxidermist who owns a shop filled with his creations. He dreams of one day finding an item so unique he will be catapulted to fame. Louis is a painter and member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, searching for his next muse. When Iris meets Silas, and then Louis, she is offered an opportunity to escape and start a new life. To do so, she must abandon her sister, sacrifice her reputation, and launch herself into the unknown. But as Iris' world expands, a story of dark obsession begins to unfold.

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