The Dragon Prince
Season 2

s02e01 / A Secret and a Spark

15th Feb '19 - 2:00pm
A Secret and a Spark

Before marching on toward Xadia, Callum begs Lujanne for a magic lesson, and Ezran tries to teach the dragon prince to fly. But danger is closing in.

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s02e02 / Half Moon Lies

16th Feb '19 - 2:00pm
Half Moon Lies

After a fierce showdown with Rayla, Soren and Claudia argue about the best way to deal with the princes. Rayla worries she's kept a secret too long.

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s02e03 / Smoke and Mirrors

17th Feb '19 - 2:00pm
Smoke and Mirrors

Callum searches for a way to tell Ezran the sad news, and Rayla sets a trap for Claudia and Soren. Viren watches a mysterious figure in the mirror.

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s02e04 / Voyage of the Ruthless

18th Feb '19 - 2:00pm
Voyage of the Ruthless

After saying goodbye to Phoe-Phoe, the gang teams up with a pirate to cross a bay, where Callum tries to forge a connection with the sky arcanum.

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s02e05 / Breaking the Seal

19th Feb '19 - 2:00pm
Breaking the Seal

At the summit of the five kingdoms, Viren fights to win the support of a young queen. Flashbacks reveal a key moment from King Harrow's reign.

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s02e06 / Heart of a Titan

20th Feb '19 - 2:00pm
Heart of a Titan

The attack on the Magma Titan has devastating consequences for two kingdoms. In his letter, Harrow shares a lie, a secret and a wish for the princes.

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s02e07 / Fire and Fury

21st Feb '19 - 2:00pm
Fire and Fury

When Soren picks a fight with a dragon, chaos breaks out - and Rayla faces a difficult decision. A defeated Viren returns to the figure in the mirror.

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s02e08 / The Book of Destiny

22nd Feb '19 - 2:00pm
The Book of Destiny

Callum pays a price for dabbling in dark magic. Claudia searches desperately for a way to help Soren, and Ezran makes a heartbreaking discovery.

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s02e09 / Breathe

23rd Feb '19 - 2:00pm

After using his gift to help Claudia, Ezran makes an important decision about the quest. Callum wakes up with a new understanding of primal magic.

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