The Black Cat Summary

Leo adopts a black cat who soon brings evil - and a mysterious woman - into his home, while Roderick struggles with terrifying hallucinations.

The Fall of the House of Usher Season 1 Episodes...

The Fall of the House of Usher Show Summary

In November 2023, Roderick Usher, the CEO of pharmaceutical company Fortunato Pharmaceuticals, loses all six of his children within two weeks. The evening after the final funeral, Roderick invites C. Auguste Dupin, an Assistant United States Attorney who dedicated his career to exposing Fortunato's corruption, to his childhood home, where he tells the true story of his family and unveils the Ushers' darkest secrets.

The series follows two timelines in addition to the conversation between Roderick and Dupin, depicted onscreen when told by Roderick: the first, taking place from 1953 to 1980, recounts Roderick and his twin sister Madeline's youth and subsequent rise to power, while the second follows all of the Ushers during the two weeks leading up to the discussion, revealing the truth behind the passings of Roderick's children.

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