Insolence & Wine Summary

Spector looks for his next victim. Gibson brings Burns up to speed with her investigation as they are interrupted by a call reporting the fatal shooting of a police officer. Burns tells Gibson to get herself a firearm as the danger of policing in Northern Ireland hits home. Gibson and the team look through what they know so far about the hugger of Fiona Gallagher, Alice Monroe and Sarah Kay as Spector takes a look at the house of a potential new victim.

The Fall Season 1 Episodes...

The Fall Show Summary

The Fall was created by Allan Cubitt and revolves around a PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) investigation in Belfast into a string of Murders.

After the PSNI are unable to make any progress on the case(s), Detective Superintendent Gibson, who is on secondment from London's Metropolitan Police Service, arrives at the Belfast police station to review the hug investigation and close the case.

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