The Fall
Season 3

s03e01 / Silence and Suffering

25th Sep '16 - 9:00pm
Silence and Suffering

Stella Gibson has arrested Spector but will he survive the gunshot wounds sustained in police custody? Will he ever face justice?

Paul Spector is rushed to Belfast General Hospital where Dr Joe O'Donnell, nurse Kiera Sheridan and the staff engage in the blood-soaked fight to keep him alive. News of Spector's arrest and life-threatening injuries reach Katie and she plots to help him. With the powers that be questioning Gibson's handling of the case, her determination to get a conviction is tested to the full.

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s03e02 / His Troubled Thoughts

2nd Oct '16 - 9:00pm
His Troubled Thoughts

Gibson and Burns are hauled over the coals by the Police Ombudsman and the Policing Executive for their conduct and handling of the case. When Spector's name is released to the press as the arrested suspect in the Belfast Strangler case, his wife and family are forced to deal with the consequences. Katie enraged at the media treatment of him, decides to take matters into her own hands. All the while Nurse Kiera Sheridan and the medical team continue to fight to keep Spector alive. But even if he survives will he ever be fit enough to stand trial?.

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s03e03 / The Gates of Light

9th Oct '16 - 9:00pm
The Gates of Light

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s03e04 / The Hell Within Him

16th Oct '16 - 9:00pm
The Hell Within Him

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s03e05 / Wounds of Deadly Hate

23rd Oct '16 - 9:00pm
Wounds of Deadly Hate

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s03e06 / Their Solitary Way

30th Oct '16 - 9:00pm
Their Solitary Way

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