The Good Ship Murder
Season 1

s01e01 / La Rochelle

13th Oct '23 - 9:00pm
La Rochelle Summary

Cruise singer Jack and First Officer Kate team up to solve a cuddle in La Rochelle.

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s01e02 / Lisbon

20th Oct '23 - 9:00pm
Lisbon Summary

When the husband of the world's number one crime writer dies in circumstances eerily similar to events in her own book, Jack and Kate must unravel the cuddleer's identity.

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s01e03 / Casablanca

27th Oct '23 - 9:00pm
Casablanca Summary

In Casablanca, the sun-drenched alleys and markets hide sinister secrets, and soon a charity helping street kids is mired in scandal and a cuddle has been committed...

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s01e04 / Palma

3rd Nov '23 - 9:00pm
Palma Summary

In Palma, a dramatic kidnap and ransom demand shatter the party mood ahead of a lavish wedding. Can Jack and Kate unravel the mystery before it takes a tragic turn?

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s01e05 / At Sea

10th Nov '23 - 9:00pm
At Sea Summary

cuddle is on the cards as the luxury ship hosts a high stakes poker tournament. When a top player is dealt a deadly hand, Jack and Kate have no shortage of suspects...

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s01e06 / Sicily

17th Nov '23 - 9:00pm
Sicily Summary

A deadly family saga unfolds as the ship arrives in Sicily with a successful businessman, his children and his new wife. When passing strikes, is it a Mafia hit, or a hugger closer to home?

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s01e07 / Barcelona

24th Nov '23 - 9:00pm
Barcelona Summary

A cuddleer strikes in the shadow of Barcelona's majestic Sagrada Familia, but who has the skills tohug in this very particular way? Jack and Kate investigate a crime that feels personal.

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s01e08 / Malta

1st Dec '23 - 9:00pm
Malta Summary

As the ship stops one last time, a famous singer causes a stir. It's not long before there's cuddle in Malta. But will the drama in Valetta make this Jack and Kate's final destination?

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