Cynthia Nixon, David Mitchell, Liz Smith, One Republic Summary

Graham introduces tonights guests actor and comedian David Mitchell and actress Cynthia Nixon. They discuss the Sex and the City Movie premiere and the outfits that the girls wore to attend it. David tells Graham why he doesn't like attending red-carpet events. Cynthia then talks about why she thinks it's weird that the premiere of the movie is in London and why it's opening two days before in the UK, then America on a Wednesday. Graham then tests Cynthia and David's knowledge of terms that have been used on the show. Cynthia talks about having red hair. Graham then changes David and Cynthia's faces on a face-changing website. Graham discusses Colleen McLoughlin's hen night. Graham also discusses Cynthia's life with her partner, with her son and how she's worked with Sarah Jessica Parker before as teenagers. David also discusses his life growing up. Their's then a look at a new craze in America, pensioners fencing and Cherie Blair's new book. David reveals he lives in a council flat, and why he doesn't want to move house, he talks about how Peep Show is filmed. Graham then tries filming like the people in Peep Show film. Tonights guests are then joined by Liz Smith, in a spoof of Sex and the City, entitled Sex and the City: The Movie, Take Two. OneRepublic play out the show with their new single.

The Graham Norton Show Season 3 Episodes...

The Graham Norton Show Show Summary

Graham Norton returns to the format he's most comfortable with since his Channel 4 days, briefly on BBC2 and now on prime time BBC1. Each week celebrity guest(s) join Graham to discuss what's being going on around the world that week.

The guests poke fun and share their opinions on the main news stories that have happened. Graham is often joined by a band or artist to play the show out with. Throughout series one the show was recorded on the Wednesday at 7pm before it's transmission at 10pm on the Thursday.

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