The Great British Bake Off
Season 12

s12e01 / Cake Week

21st Sep '21 - 8:00pm
Cake Week

Bake Off is back, as 12 new bakers make their way into a brand-new bubble. The bakers tackle mini rolls, a nostalgic teatime classic, and cakes that defy the laws of physics.

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s12e02 / Biscuit Week

28th Sep '21 - 8:00pm
Biscuit Week

It's crunch time for the bakers in Biscuit Week, as they put their twist on brandy snaps, make a jammy childhood favourite and create an interactive toy made entirely from biscuit.

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s12e03 / Bread Week

5th Oct '21 - 8:00pm
Bread Week

It's bread week, and the bakers have a lot to prove as they put their twist on a classic Italian focaccia, make a Greek-inspired snack and create ambitious designs in milk bread.

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s12e04 / Dessert Week

12th Oct '21 - 8:00pm
Dessert Week

The bakers put their twist on the classic pavlova and take on a toffee technical, before creating a delicate dessert wrapped in intricately patterned sponge for a splendid showstopper.

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s12e05 / German Week

19th Oct '21 - 8:00pm
German Week

It's a Bake Off first, as the bakers make traditional German biscuits and a torte fit for a Prince, before rising to the challenge with a showstopping tiered cake using yeast.

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s12e06 / Pastry Week

26th Oct '21 - 8:00pm
Pastry Week

It's Pastry Week and the bakers tackle choux pastry doughnuts and a tricky Turkish technical, before creating a savoury, delicately designed showstopping pastry pie packed full of flavour

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s12e07 / Caramel Week

2nd Nov '21 - 8:00pm
Caramel Week

It's Caramel Week and the bakers put their twist on a classic caramel tart and produce a family favourite biscuit bar, before making a showstopping dessert encased in a sugar dome.

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s12e08 / Free-From Week

9th Nov '21 - 8:00pm
Free-From Week

It's Free-From Week and the remaining bakers explore alternative ingredients as they make a Signature without dairy, a hearty vegan Technical and a gluten-free celebration cake.

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s12e09 / Patisserie Week

16th Nov '21 - 8:00pm
Patisserie Week

It's the semi-final. The bakers' patisserie skills are tested as they make delicate layered slices, a French classic and opulent entremets displays. Who will make it to the final?

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s12e10 / The Final

23rd Nov '21 - 8:00pm
The Final

The bakers make a classic carrot cake and create a grand Mad Hatter's tea party banquet. Who will be crowned the winner of The Great British Bake Off 2021?

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