The Great North
Season 1

s01e01 / Sexi Moose Adventure

4th Jan '21 - 1:30am
Sexi Moose Adventure

The Tobin family's plans to celebrate Judy's 16th birthday on the family fishing boat go awry after a moose breaks into the family home.

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s01e02 / Feast of Not People Adventure

18th Jan '21 - 1:30am
Feast of Not People Adventure

Judy is worried that she and Ham are growing apart when she discovers he's been keeping a secret from her. The rest of the family participates in a town festival.

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s01e03 / Avocado Barter Adventure

22nd Feb '21 - 1:30am
Avocado Barter Adventure

Wolf tries to find the perfect six-month anniversary gift for Honeybee. Meanwhile, Judy interviews Honeybee for the school newspaper and learns about her thrilling early years in Fresno.

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s01e04 / Romantic Meat-Based Adventure

1st Mar '21 - 1:30am
Romantic Meat-Based Adventure

Worried that she's inherited Beef's fear of romance, Judy forces her dad to get back out there by attending a meat auction and singles mixer in the hopes of bringing home a new love, and also maybe some sausages.

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s01e05 / Curl Interrupted Adventure

8th Mar '21 - 1:30am
Curl Interrupted Adventure

Beef enlists Judy to help coach his adult curling team. Meanwhile, Wolf tries to turn the family fishing boat into a sunset cruise for lovers.

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s01e06 / Pride & Prejudance Adventure

15th Mar '21 - 12:30am
Pride & Prejudance Adventure

Judy asks her crush to the most romantic dance of the school year, not realizing he's got eyes for someone else. Meanwhile, Beef's Brother, Brian, comes up for a visit from Anchorage.

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s01e07 / Period Piece Adventure

22nd Mar '21 - 12:30am
Period Piece Adventure

Judy asks Alyson to help her with an exciting opportunity to lead an art project at school. Meanwhile, the local paper prints a story involving Beef, and the family investigates to discover the truth.

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s01e08 / Keep Beef-lievin' Adventure

12th Apr '21 - 12:30am
Keep Beef-lievin' Adventure

When Moon begins to doubt the existence of Bigfoot, Beef enlists the family's help to get him believing again. Meanwhile, Honeybee gets a surprise visitor from Fresno.

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s01e09 / Tusk in the Wind Adventure

19th Apr '21 - 12:30am
Tusk in the Wind Adventure

Beef and Wolf meet their hero, legendary mountain man, Tusk Johnson! Judy and the rest of the Tobin clan become addicted to '80s primetime soap "Dynasty".

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s01e10 / Game of Snownes Adventure

10th May '21 - 12:30am
Game of Snownes Adventure

A blizzard threatens the Tobin family game night. Meanwhile, Beef makes a new friend in the woods.

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s01e11 / My Fart Will Go On Adventure

17th May '21 - 12:30am
My Fart Will Go On Adventure

While the family prepares for Wolf and Honeybee's wedding, an unexpected guest RSVPs.

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