The Heights
Season 1

s01e01 / Season 1, Episode 1

22nd Feb '19 - 12:00pm
Season 1, Episode 1

The residents of Arcadia Towers are left reeling after an abandoned baby is discovered. Hazel is stunned when her estranged son Ryan returns from London.

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s01e02 / Season 1, Episode 2

22nd Feb '19 - 12:30pm
Season 1, Episode 2

With the abandoned baby's mother identified, Hazel and Ryan are desperate for answers. Sabine navigates her first day at Arcadia High. Sully invites Ash to dinner with Iris - with disastrous consequences.

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s01e03 / Season 1, Episode 3

1st Mar '19 - 12:00pm
Season 1, Episode 3

Ryan and Hazel race to find Shannon as social services gets involved. A smitten Sully buys Ash's affection. Pav and Claudia are unable to deny their attraction. Leonie reluctantly allows Mich to move into the towers.

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s01e04 / Season 1, Episode 4

1st Mar '19 - 12:30pm
Season 1, Episode 4

Pav and Claudia's date is gate-crashed. Sully makes a drunken move on Ash. Ryan and Hazel reopen old wounds as they finally decide what to do with Patch.

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s01e05 / Season 1, Episode 5

8th Mar '19 - 12:00pm
Season 1, Episode 5

Ash struggles on the job with Mark following a night of partying, and Ryan and Hazel discover that their inheritance isn't all that it seems.

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s01e06 / Season 1, Episode 6

8th Mar '19 - 12:30pm
Season 1, Episode 6

Pav and Claudia's second date gets ruined by their kids, Kam lands himself and Iris in trouble with the police. Hazel refuses to cancel her Mahjong game on account of Patch, and the community come together to make it happen.

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s01e07 / Season 1, Episode 7

15th Mar '19 - 12:00pm
Season 1, Episode 7

An accident at home makes Renee see red over the unfinished renovations. Claudia struggles to reconcile with Sabine following her discovery that she's sexually active. Iris learns the truth behind Kam's business antics.

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s01e08 / Season 1, Episode 8

15th Mar '19 - 12:30pm
Season 1, Episode 8

Mark feels the pressure when Renee insists they get a loan to finish the house renovations. Ash enjoys the high life when he meets up with Tyler and his friends. Kam impresses Iris with his entrepreneurial skills.

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s01e09 / Season 1, Episode 9

22nd Mar '19 - 12:00pm
Season 1, Episode 9

Sully has a disastrous first day at his teaching practical and Claudia establishes some ground rules around Sabine and Dane's relationship.

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s01e10 / Season 1, Episode 10

22nd Mar '19 - 12:30pm
Season 1, Episode 10

Mark becomes further entangled in his web of lies when Renee makes a troubling discovery. Hazel questions her ability to mother when Patch falls ill. Ash is unsettled by Tyler's interest in him.

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s01e11 / Season 1, Episode 11

29th Mar '19 - 12:00pm
Season 1, Episode 11

Ryan and Ana's friendship grows into something more. Claudia's confronted by a gift Sabine receives. Ash becomes disillusioned with Tyler's world and Leonie shuts down Mich's questions about their Aboriginal heritage.

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s01e12 / Season 1, Episode 12

29th Mar '19 - 12:30pm
Season 1, Episode 12

Mich is determined to explore his Aboriginal heritage. Ash disappoints Kam, whilst Ryan has a sweet surprise for Ana. Mark and Renee struggle in the bedroom as Pav and Claudia heat up.

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s01e13 / Season 1, Episode 13

5th Apr '19 - 12:00pm
Season 1, Episode 13

Bruce finally opens up to Leonie about her Indigenous mother, Pav and Claudia are bad at being friends with benefits and Iris decides to find Sully a boyfriend.

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s01e14 / Season 1, Episode 14

5th Apr '19 - 12:30pm
Season 1, Episode 14

Pav's new romance with Claudia becomes complicated. Sully loses in love but has a win at school. Ryan and Ana grow closer while preparing the pub for its imminent relaunch.

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s01e15 / Season 1, Episode 15

12th Apr '19 - 12:00pm
Season 1, Episode 15

Ana and Ryan finally get together, only to be confronted by an unexpected third wheel. Renee is horrified when Mark confesses to his gambling addiction. Claudia and Pav struggle to keep their romance secret.

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s01e16 / Season 1, Episode 16

12th Apr '19 - 12:30pm
Season 1, Episode 16

Ryan uses the pub's launch to avoid talking to Lottie while Ana's unsure where she stands after Lottie's arrival. Renee tells Mark he needs to get help with his gambling addiction.

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