The House of Flowers
Season 2

s02e01 / ROSE, (Symb unity)

19th Oct '19 - 3:59am
ROSE, (Symb unity)

Missing her mother and seeking vengeance against Diego, Paulina returns to Mexico. Julián reunites with an old flame, who reveals a secret.

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s02e02 / IRIS, (Symb. faith)

20th Oct '19 - 3:59am
IRIS, (Symb. faith)

Paulina is determined to buy back the family's former flower shop and cabaret, but obstacles arise. Diego makes a peace offering. Elena comes clean.

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s02e03 / LOTUS, (Symb. mystery)

21st Oct '19 - 3:59am
LOTUS, (Symb. mystery)

Elena wants to keep her new job a secret. Paulina asks the former drag performers to return to the cabaret. Ernesto meets the Flock's founder, Jenny.

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s02e04 / ALMOND, (Symb. awaken)

22nd Oct '19 - 3:59am
ALMOND, (Symb. awaken)

After returning from Spain, María José takes issue with Paulina, while Bruno accompanies Micaela to her talent show audition. Julián makes a decision.

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s02e05 / ACACIA, (Symb. secret love)

23rd Oct '19 - 3:59am
ACACIA, (Symb. secret love)

Elena, Paulina and Julián attempt to track down the mystery man in Virginia's photos. Ernesto convinces Cacas to join the Flock.

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s02e06 / CLOVES, (Symb, capricious)

24th Oct '19 - 3:59am
CLOVES, (Symb, capricious)

Jenny and the Flock start taking over the de la Mora mansion. Paulina confides in Alejo and plots revenge against Diego. Elena realizes she's in love.

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s02e07 / GERANIUM, (Symb. counsel)

25th Oct '19 - 3:59am
GERANIUM, (Symb. counsel)

Diego confronts Lucía about a secret she's been keeping from Julián. Ernesto's jealousy takes hold. On a night out with Alejo, Paulina feels tempted.

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s02e08 / HELICONIA, (Symb. fertility)

26th Oct '19 - 3:59am
HELICONIA, (Symb. fertility)

Diego asks Elena for a very personal favor for him and Julián. Paulina gets closer to Alejo. Eliminations continue on "Mexico's Most Talented".

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s02e09 / PANSY, (Symb. reflexion)

27th Oct '19 - 3:59am
PANSY, (Symb. reflexion)

Virginia's will is finally read, and when the truth comes out, Paulina makes a drastic decision in an attempt to repent for her actions.

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s02e10 / The Funeral

2nd Nov '19 - 3:59am
The Funeral

At Virginia's funeral, Paulina confronts her late mother's band of "best friends" in the face of their homophobia and transphobia towards her family, while Ernesto has to find a way to bring her coffin into Mexico from Houston; the rest of the family experience a series of chance encounters.

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