The Last Kingdom
Season 3

s03e01 / Season 3, Episode 1

20th Nov '18 - 4:59am
Season 3, Episode 1

His health failing and fearing for his legacy, Alfred sends Uhtred to confront a new threat: fierce Danish warrior Bloodhair and his sorceress, Skade.

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s03e02 / Season 3, Episode 2

21st Nov '18 - 4:59am
Season 3, Episode 2

Falling afoul of Alfred, Uhtred flees north to his brother, Ragnar. His eye on the throne, Aethelwold begins assembling an alliance to strike Wessex.

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s03e03 / Season 3, Episode 3

22nd Nov '18 - 4:59am
Season 3, Episode 3

Bloodhair and Aethelwold try to coax Uhtred into their alliance against Alfred. Fearing for her life, Aethelflaed turns to Father Beocca for aid.

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s03e04 / Season 3, Episode 4

23rd Nov '18 - 4:59am
Season 3, Episode 4

Uhtred turns his attention to Aethelflaed's plight. Alfred forces Edward to face his duty. Ragnar's army marches but traitors emerge from within.

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s03e05 / Season 3, Episode 5

24th Nov '18 - 4:59am
Season 3, Episode 5

A deadly betrayal threatens to splinter Ragnar's army. Uhtred forms a cunning battle plan and finds an unexpected ally in young Edward.

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s03e06 / Season 3, Episode 6

25th Nov '18 - 4:59am
Season 3, Episode 6

Edward makes a kingly decision. Alfred lays plans for his son's future reign. Aethelwold faces a treacherous task. Uhtred and Brida search out a seer.

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s03e07 / Season 3, Episode 7

26th Nov '18 - 4:59am
Season 3, Episode 7

A message from Uhtred and the machinations of Skade exploit divisions among the Danes. His health failing, Alfred wrestles with Aethelwold's fate.

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s03e08 / Season 3, Episode 8

27th Nov '18 - 4:59am
Season 3, Episode 8

Uhtred risks returning to Wessex to fulfill his vow to Brida. As the royal wedding approaches, Aethelwold spreads discord from the shadows.

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s03e09 / Season 3, Episode 9

28th Nov '18 - 4:59am
Season 3, Episode 9

At the end of his days, Alfred takes Uhtred into his confidence about his plans for Edward's uncertain future, but Aelswith charts a different course.

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s03e10 / Season 3, Episode 10

29th Nov '18 - 4:59am
Season 3, Episode 10

As a climactic battle with the Danes draws near, untested Edward faces dire decisions about the fates of Uhtred, Wessex - and England.

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