The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Season 3

s03e01 / Strike Up the Band

7th Dec '19 - 4:59am
Strike Up the Band

Midge performs at a USO show ahead of touring with Shy while Susie learns the ins and outs of contract negotiation. Abe and Rose grapple with their new financial situation. Joel finds the perfect spot for his new club until he discovers the space isn't as it appears.

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s03e02 / It's the Sixties, Man!

8th Dec '19 - 4:59am
It's the Sixties, Man!

Midge struggles with Susie taking on a new client. Joel meets a mystery girl, Mei, who is as frustrating as she is intriguing. Abe initiates a new project with a group of young beatniks. Midge and Joel deal with their divorce.

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s03e03 / Panty Pose

9th Dec '19 - 4:59am
Panty Pose

Rose and Abe move into less than desirable new digs. Midge struggles with her act as Shy's tour kicks off. Joel and Mei spark a connection.

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s03e04 / Hands!

10th Dec '19 - 4:59am

Joel visits Midge in Vegas. Rose and Abe struggle as they adjust to their new life. Susie scores a big win for her new client.

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s03e05 / It's Comedy or Cabbage

11th Dec '19 - 4:59am
It's Comedy or Cabbage

Midge runs into an old friend in Miami. Abe grows frustrated with his beanik friends while Rose reaches her breaking point with Shirley.

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s03e06 / Kind of Bleu

12th Dec '19 - 4:59am
Kind of Bleu

Abe and Rose find respite from Queens while visiting Midge. Joel and Mei squabble over a liquor license for the bar. Midge helps Shy out of a scrape.

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s03e07 / Marvelous Radio

13th Dec '19 - 4:59am
Marvelous Radio

Midge and Susie head back to NYC and hustle for work. Abe is elated when someone publishes a piece he wrote. The Maisels gather for the bris of Astrid's baby.

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s03e08 / A Jewish Girl Walks Into the Apollo...

14th Dec '19 - 4:59am
A Jewish Girl Walks Into the Apollo...

Joel readies his club for its grand opening. Midge asks Moishe for a favor. Susie suffers a loss and turns to an unexpected source for help. Midge learns a hard show business lesson.

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