The Middle
Season 6

s06e01 / Unbraceable You

25th Sep '14 - 12:00am
Unbraceable You

Frankie discovers school started a week earlier than she thought, forcing Sue and Brick to scramble to make up missed time; Sue gets her braces removed; Mike loses to Axl at basketball for the first time; Brick looks for the perfect book bag.

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s06e02 / The Loneliest Locker

2nd Oct '14 - 12:00am
The Loneliest Locker

Mike and Frankie search for second jobs in order to send Sue to a good college; without asking, Axl takes household items to furnish the home he and Hutch are renting; Brick finds noisy childhood toys Frankie had purposefully hidden.

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s06e03 / Major Anxiety

9th Oct '14 - 12:00am
Major Anxiety

In an effort to be more social, Brick decides to go to the fall dance; Axl panics when he realizes the deadline to declare a major is looming; Sue starts drinking coffee in order to appear more sophisticated.

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s06e04 / The Table

23rd Oct '14 - 12:00am
The Table

When Frankie finds a dining room set online for , she gives the family's old table to Axl; Sue is angry when her boyfriend gives her a gift that he had also given to his ex-girlfriend.

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s06e05 / Halloween V

30th Oct '14 - 12:00am
Halloween V

Frankie and Mike are surprised when Brick invites a girl over to the house to hang out; Sue tries to organize a screening of a holiday classic in a pumpkin patch; Axl is locked inside the library.

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s06e06 / The Sinkhole

13th Nov '14 - 1:00am
The Sinkhole

The Heck house once again throws a curve ball to the family when the kitchen sink caves in and drops out of sight, causing Frankie to have to wash the dishes with the outside hose. Meanwhile, Sue is informed that, since Wrestlerettes does not qualify for P.E. credit, she needs to master tinikling - a difficult dance routine for a clumsy Sue - to get the credit she needs to graduate, and after Brick accidentally breaks Mike's lawn mower, he takes Axl's advice to try and play the hero card by taking his dad's wallet then returning it later, thinking this will divert Mike's attention away from the busted mower.

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s06e07 / Thanksgiving VI

20th Nov '14 - 1:00am
Thanksgiving VI

With the Heck house in disarray due to the kitchen sink hole and miniature dining room table, Frankie suggests that the family enjoy a Thanksgiving feast at the local King's Feast buffet. But all does not run so smoothly when Sue invites her boyfriend Darrin to dine with the family and gets the feeling that Mike doesn't like him very much, Brick invites his quirky girlfriend Cindy, and Axl is forced by Frankie to invite a girl he doesn't even know to the holiday meal.

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s06e08 / The College Tour

4th Dec '14 - 1:00am
The College Tour

Mike accompanies Sue on a college tour weekend, and Frankie abandons Brick with a school project and a revolving door of babysitters while she goes to see Axl play in his first college football game.

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s06e09 / The Christmas Wall

11th Dec '14 - 1:00am
The Christmas Wall

Frankie has had enough of schlepping out the Christmas decorations and trying to make the perfect holiday for her family - who she feels doesn't appreciate all that she does for them - and decides to kick back on the couch and have a minimalist Christmas this year. Meanwhile, due to Sue's allergy to real Christmas trees, Mike attempts to purchase an artificial one and ends up not getting what he paid for. Axl puts Boss Co. back into business for the holidays as Tree Wise Men but gets into such a heated argument with Sean over a misfit toy that the two can't seem to work together, and Brick becomes fascinated by a Christmas letter the family has received and attempts to write one on his own outlining the past year of the Hecks.

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s06e10 / Pam Freakin' Staggs

8th Jan '15 - 1:00am
Pam Freakin' Staggs

Frankie acts like a teenager when she hangs out with Pam Staggs, a former classmate who was popular in high school. Meanwhile, Brick surprises Mike by winning an athletic award; Sue pursues some odd hobbies; and Axl seeks a date with Devin Levin.

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s06e11 / A Quarry Story

15th Jan '15 - 1:00am
A Quarry Story

When Frankie finds an old uncashed paycheck from Ehlert Motors, Mr. Ehlert forces her to work for a day in order to collect her money.

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s06e12 / Hecks on a Train

5th Feb '15 - 1:00am
Hecks on a Train

Upon learning that Aunt Edie has passed away, the Hecks board a train to South Dakota to take her to her final resting place.

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s06e13 / Valentine's Day VI

12th Feb '15 - 1:00am
Valentine's Day VI

Valentine's Day aims its sights on the Heck kids when a nervous Brick finds out that his quirky girlfriend Cindy wants him to kiss her on the special day, Darrin asks Frankie and Mike to help out with an exciting scavenger hunt he's putting together for Sue, and Axl begins to question his girlfriend Devin's request that he not give her anything for what she considers to be a lame tradition.

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s06e14 / The Answer

19th Feb '15 - 1:00am
The Answer

The Heck family learns about Darrin's marriage proposal to Sue... as well as her response. Meanwhile, Axl attempts to use his intro to Psych class to cure Brick of all of his quirks and tics.

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s06e15 / Steaming Pile of Guilt

26th Feb '15 - 1:00am
Steaming Pile of Guilt

Frankie ends up realizing that she and the family forgot to celebrate Brick's 13th birthday.

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s06e16 / Flirting with Disaster

5th Mar '15 - 1:00am
Flirting with Disaster

Frankie fears that her innocent flirtation with Axl's friend has been misinterpreted, and Frankie's dad, Tag, secretly asks Mike to help him study for his driver's test so that he doesn't lose his license.

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s06e17 / The Waiting Game

26th Mar '15 - 12:00am
The Waiting Game

Frankie nervously waits to see if Sue got into any of the many colleges she applied too.

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s06e18 / Operation Infiltration

2nd Apr '15 - 12:00am
Operation Infiltration

Frankie accompanies Brick on a school field trip and attempts to help her socially inept son make friends with a couple of boys. Devin scolds Axl for being mean to his sister. Mike gets a sinking feeling that he may have bullied his brother Rusty a bit too much as kids.

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s06e19 / Siblings and Sombreros

9th Apr '15 - 12:00am
Siblings and Sombreros

After Axl forgets to bring home a sombrero that Sue needs for a special high school senior photo she's setting up with Brad, she becomes super angry and won't let up on arguing with him. In an attempt to remedy the situation, Frankie takes Mike's advice to individually tell Sue and Axl the truth about how she thinks each of them is handling the situation, which causes even more friction amongst the bickering siblings. Meanwhile, Mike is shocked to learn that Brick has been awarded with the middle school's Athlete of the Month award.

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s06e20 / Food Courting

16th Apr '15 - 12:00am
Food Courting

A case of disrespect hits the Heck boys when Axl - who is celebrating his milestone 21st birthday - refuses to come home and help Mike move an old freezer, and Brick begins turning into a mini-Axl by dissing Frankie with a bad attitude. Meanwhile, Sue is torn over what to do when the manager of Chop Suey USA tries to woo her away from her job at Spudsy's.

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s06e21 / Two of a Kind

23rd Apr '15 - 12:00am
Two of a Kind

When Frankie's uncle contacts her dad hoping to make amends, Frankie and Mike are caught in the middle of their feud; Sue turns to Axl for advice when she is sent to detention for the first time.

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s06e22 / While You Were Sleeping

30th Apr '15 - 12:00am
While You Were Sleeping

Frankie and Mike struggle to stay awake when watching a movie during a cozy date night at home. Meanwhile, a handsome mall employee asks Sue to her senior prom and Axl and Brick hope to find success with a barbecue sauce they've created.

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s06e23 / Mother's Day Reservations

7th May '15 - 12:00am
Mother's Day Reservations

Mike's incompetence threatens to ruin Frankie's Mother's Day. Mike tells Axl, Sue, and Brick to put some effort into a gift for Frankie. Frankie asks the kids how they would differ from her as parents.

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s06e24 / The Graduate

14th May '15 - 12:00am
The Graduate

Sue prepares for her graduation and worries the day won't go perfectly. Meanwhile, Brick gets the opportunity to skip a year in school and Axl grows concerned about Devin's fun summer pictures she posted on social media.

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