The Missing
Season 1

s01e01 / Episode 1

29th Oct '14 - 1:00am
Episode 1

A family holiday to France ends in tragedy when a couple's five-year-old son is abducted, and although a large manhunt is launched, headed up by one of the country's finest detectives, it seems the odds of finding the youngster are against them. Eight years later, when the fallout has driven the couple apart, the father returns to the original scene to continue the search for his son. He has a shred of new evidence - but will the original lead detective be willing to take up the case again?

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s01e02 / Pray For Me

4th Nov '14 - 9:00pm
Pray For Me

2006: Three days since Oliver's disappearance, and with little information to go on, suspicion immediately falls on a known paedophile living in the area. With police protocol keeping Tony and Emily firmly in the dark, Tony is tempted when ambitious journalist, Malik Suri, comes forward with illegally obtained information on the suspect in custody. Then the suspect is released with a seemingly concrete alibi. A generous benefactor reaches out to Tony and Emily when they are at their lowest ebb, offering a financial reward for anyone coming forward with information relating to Oliver's disappearance.

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s01e03 / The Meeting

11th Nov '14 - 9:00pm
The Meeting

2006: The investigation into Oliver's disappearance continues. Tony's past comes back to haunt him. Ian Garrett continues to offer support and the friendship between him and Tony deepens. An undercover police officer in Paris comes forward with possible information about Oliver Hughes.

Present day: Tony and Julien are relieved that the case has now officially been reopened. Emily returns to Chalons Du Bois and finally begins to face the demons from her past. Progress into the case is initially slow but a shocking new lead emerges.

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s01e04 / Gone Fishing

18th Nov '14 - 9:00pm
Gone Fishing

2006: The case is thrown into disarray when someone with important information is found cuddled. Tony is horrified as he begins to realise that someone close to him isn't the person he claimed to be.

In the present day Julien is intent on reinvestigating the links between the dead witness and Oliver's disappearance. The stress of the reopening of the case starts to take its toll on Emily and Mark's relationship.

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s01e05 / Molly

25th Nov '14 - 9:00pm

Back in 2006, Tony and Emily's pleas to have a suspect investigated once again fall on deaf ears. Tony is involved in a unhappy confrontation with some life-changing consequences after he takes matters into his own hands. Tony and Julien, retrace their steps in Paris back in the present day as they attempt to locate a man who they think is involved with Oliver's disappearance.

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s01e06 / Concrete

2nd Dec '14 - 9:00pm

In 2006, Tony is desperate to cover his tracks as he deals with the consequences of his actions, and the lack of progress in finding Oliver causes Emily to finally break down. Things are no better for Julien when an unprovoked attack puts him in danger.

In the present day, Tony and Julien track down the man they have been searching for. He promises them information, but it comes at a price - forcing the grieving father to turn to his ex-wife for financial help.

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s01e07 / Return to Eden

9th Dec '14 - 9:00pm
Return to Eden

In 2009, with no significant progress made in the case, Tony and Emily's marriage hangs by a thread - but a surprise turn of events brings them both back to Chalons du Bois for the first time since 2006.

In the present day, the information that Tony, Julien and Emily received gives them a tenuous lead. With Tony and Emily back in Chalons du Bois and finally making progress in the case, there is a thawing in their relationship.

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s01e08 / Till Death

16th Dec '14 - 9:00pm
Till Death

The truth regarding Oliver's disappearance is revealed as the drama moves between 2006 and 2014. Tony, Emily, Julien and Mark all face an uncertain future.

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