The OA
Season 2

s02e01 / Chapter 1: Angel of Death

23rd Mar '19 - 3:59am
Chapter 1: Angel of Death

While private eye Karim Washington scours San Francisco for a missing teen who was involved in a cryptic game, OA wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings.

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s02e02 / Chapter 2: Treasure Island

24th Mar '19 - 3:59am
Chapter 2: Treasure Island

At the clinic, OA discovers what happened to her friends back at Hap's. Karim turns his attention to a doctor who worked for Pierre Ruskin.

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s02e03 / Chapter 3: Magic Mirror

25th Mar '19 - 3:59am
Chapter 3: Magic Mirror

In Michigan, Steve begs the gang to try jumping to another dimension, and a presence in Buck's mirror inspires an unlikely pilgrimage.

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s02e04 / Chapter 4: SYZYGY

26th Mar '19 - 3:59am
Chapter 4: SYZYGY

Karim visits Nina at the clinic for help finding the secret entrance to the house. Meanwhile, Hap meets a fellow traveler, and Homer goes on a date.

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s02e05 / Chapter 5: The Medium & the Engineer

27th Mar '19 - 3:59am
Chapter 5: The Medium & the Engineer

After a harrowing ordeal, OA and Karim find themselves locked inside a labyrinth of puzzles. Nagging doubts prompt Homer to snoop on Dr. Percy.

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s02e06 / Chapter 6: Mirror Mirror

28th Mar '19 - 3:59am
Chapter 6: Mirror Mirror

As BBA and the kids head west, an alarming news report forces them to speed up their plans. Jesse wrestles with lingering trauma from the shooting.

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s02e07 / Chapter 7: Nina Azarova

29th Mar '19 - 3:59am
Chapter 7: Nina Azarova

Karim returns to the house with reinforcements, OA tries to access Nina's memories, and Hap offers to discharge Scott - after one last experiment.

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s02e08 / Chapter 8: Overview

30th Mar '19 - 3:59am
Chapter 8: Overview

While BBA and the others converge on the clinic, Nina persuades Hap to show her his research, and Karim unlocks one of the house's final secrets.

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