The Office (US)
Season 1

s01e01 / Pilot

25th Mar '05 - 2:00am

A documentary crew arrives at the offices of Dunder Mifflin to observe the employees and learn about modern management. Manager Michael Scott tries to paint a happy picture, while sales rep Jim fights with his nemesis Dwight and flirts with receptionist Pam.

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s01e02 / Diversity Day

30th Mar '05 - 2:00am
Diversity Day

A consultant arrives to teach the staff about tolerance and diversity but Michael insists on imparting his own knowledge. Meanwhile, Jim struggles to keep hold of a lucrative contract extension.

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s01e03 / Health Care

6th Apr '05 - 1:00am
Health Care

Michael doesn't want to upset the staff so he gets Dwight to pass on news about the company's reduced health provisions. Fed up with his nosiness, Jim and Pam pretend they are suffering from a variety of conditions including Ebola, Mad Cow Disease, spontaneous dentohydroplosion, hotdog fingers, nano-robot infection, and Count Choculitis.

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s01e04 / The Alliance

13th Apr '05 - 1:00am
The Alliance

Michael arranges a morale-boosting birthday party for Meredith and is determined to come up with the funniest message in her card. Dwight wants a pact with Jim to fight the downsizing, and Michael regrets showing off when Oscar asks for sponsorship for a charity walk being undertaken by his nephew, who has cerebral palsy.

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s01e05 / Basketball

20th Apr '05 - 1:00am

The office staff play a basketball game against the warehouse workers in which Jim shows off to impress Pam and upstage her fianc who is on the opposing team.

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s01e06 / Hot Girl

27th Apr '05 - 1:00am
Hot Girl

When an attractive woman, Katy, comes to the office to solicit her purses, all of the male staffers vie for her affection. Pam struggles with whether or not to be jealous of Katy's attention.

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