The Path
Season 3

s03e01 / The Beginning

18th Jan '18 - 1:00am
The Beginning

Eddie is the new Guardian of the light, and with the help of his sleek new publicist Vera, Eddie removes security and opens up the doors of the movement; but when blood appears on the Compound, even his supporters will question his decision. After one of her blackmail victims commits suicide, Sarah seeks to be punished. For that she goes to Cal, who is living his own version of torture in Florida, along with Mary and his son Forest.

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s03e02 / A Beast, No More

18th Jan '18 - 2:00am
A Beast, No More

When the family of a novice publicly bashes Eddie, he must choose between turning the other cheek and using Vera as a weapon to fire back. An old Meyerist ritual brings out repressed memories for Cal, and as much as he wants to forget, destiny, and Mary, won't let him. Sarah's faith crisis deepens when she meets a College Professor of Religion who challenges everything she's ever believed in.

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s03e03 / Locusts

18th Jan '18 - 3:00am

Despite everyone's fears and objections, Eddie wants to try and save the soul of the racist kid who's been terrorizing the Compound. Vera struggles between her loyalty to her mother and her prophecy, and her growing feelings for Eddie. Cal cannot stay in denial and hide from his trauma, so he decides to drag his family back to the Compound, making Mary fear for their future together.

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s03e04 / De Rerum Natura

25th Jan '18 - 1:00am
De Rerum Natura

A bomb threat on the Compound has everyone on edge, especially Eddie who feels responsible for it. Back with a vengeance, Cal uses information that may affect Vera personally to blackmail her into naming him CEO of Meyerism. In questioning her faith, Sarah discovers that The Ladder may have had another author, a woman, and she was forcefully silenced.

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s03e05 / Pageantry

1st Feb '18 - 1:00am

After learning about Steve's darkest secrets, Sarah forces her daughter out of the Meyerist pageant despite Gaby and Hawk's protests. To help Lilith's prophecy come to fruition, Vera plans a US tour to spread Meyerism. But when visiting a town where they're not welcomed, the future of the movement, and Eddie's, may be jeopardized.

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s03e06 / Messiah

8th Feb '18 - 1:00am

Sarah studies Steve's secret journals trying to find out who wrote The Ladder, bringing her closer to Professor Neill. But a death in the family brings her and Eddie together, and it makes Sarah long for her faith. Harold discovers Mary stole his Championship rings, so he and Cal must find out who has them, and try to get them back.

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s03e07 / The Gardens at Giverny

15th Feb '18 - 1:00am
The Gardens at Giverny

Eddie travels to Paris to open Europe's first Meyerist Center, and he brings Sarah along with the hope to restore her faith; but her insatiable search for Lilith may have taken her beyond the point of no return. Cal and Mary have their own plans.

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s03e08 / The Door

22nd Feb '18 - 1:00am
The Door

After the chaos in Paris, Sarah searches for the mysterious man who may help her find Lilith. Eddie forces the whole congregation to "Refine", asking them to give up things they care for the most and upsetting most of them in the process. After getting fired, Vera tries a life outside of Meyerism and away from her mom.

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s03e09 / To Lift the Veil

1st Mar '18 - 1:00am
To Lift the Veil

Without Vera to do his dirty work, Eddie must face the dark side of being a leader to a religious movement. Vera converts to Meyerism, bringing her closer to Eddie, but the ODE test may bring out a secret that could affect the whole Movement. Outside of Meyerism, Sarah dives deep into Lilith's prophecy, challenging everything she's ever believed on.

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s03e10 / The Strongest Souls

8th Mar '18 - 1:00am
The Strongest Souls

Eddie tries to protect the movement by implementing legal contracts, which send his family and others on a battle against him. Eddie refuses to meet Lilith, but Vera makes a confession that could change his mind. Cal seeks therapy to unlock repressed memories from his past. Lilith has a new vision about the end of the world.

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s03e11 / Bad Faith

15th Mar '18 - 12:00am
Bad Faith

Eddie & Hawk take a trip together, to break Caleb out of Christian conversion therapy. Cal's repressed memories make him confront his past. Sarah and Vera face-off about Lilith. Mary is presented with a new life possibility outside the movement.

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s03e12 / A New American Religion

22nd Mar '18 - 12:00am
A New American Religion

After Professor Jackson Neill releases an exposé on Meyerism and calls them a cult on National television, Cal is forced to decide whether to defend his faith and the man who abused him, or walk away. Eddie and Sarah go on a quest for the truth behind Steve, Lilith, and the origins of Meyerism, putting their faith into question.

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s03e13 / Blood Moon

29th Mar '18 - 12:00am
Blood Moon

Despite everyone's objections, Eddie is determined to reveal the truth about Stephen Meyer and the origins of the Movement. But a dark force plots to stop him, and end Meyerism, once and for all.

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