The Shield
Season 2

s02e01 / The Quick Fix

8th Jan '03 - 3:00am
The Quick Fix Summary

While Vic searches for his wife and children, the Strike Team has increased the number of drug shipments they allow to come into the Farmington district through their corrupt U.S. Customs contact. The newest shipment turns out to be poisoned and Vic and the Strike Team are forced to go to Tijuana to track down the man responsible, Navaro Quintero, and retrieve their money from him. Meanwhile, Dutch and Claudette investigate brutal cuddles committed by Navaro's brother, Armadillo, in his bid to unify Farmington street gangs under his leadership. With the help of a seasoned Tijuana policeman, Vic finds Navaro then kidnaps him and extorts his money back by using Armadillo's brutal tactics. He then smuggles Navaro over the U.S. border and arrests him. Meanwhile as Julien teaches a young offender the difference between right and wrong, he falls for and decides to ask his mother out for a date.

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s02e02 / Dead Soldiers

15th Jan '03 - 3:00am
Dead Soldiers Summary

As Vic gets closer to finding his family, he and his boys focus their attention on Armadillo and his continued gang building. Unfortunately when Vic gets too close, Armadillo burns down one of Tio's distribution centers. Although Tio escapes the blaze without a scratch, a safe is discovered that holds Tio's ledgers which include his payouts to Vic. Now Vic must get the ledger and the guy who smoked Tio's apartment before Claudette puts the pieces together and discovers that Tio is not only Vic's CI but his drug connection. Although Claudette never puts two and two together, Armadillo does and Tio ends up necklaced. When Vic finds Tio, he takes his revenge out on Armadillo. When Lanie, the Barn's new Civilian Auditor, asks to follow Vic around for the day, David immediately steps in and suggests it might be better if she follow Dutch to the shooting of a city official. But when they discover that the city official is actually a meter maid, Lanie is less than pleased. Although she and Dutch continue their investigation into whohuged her, she makes her less than pleasant feelings known to David. Meanwhile Julien and Danny must appease two neighbors who aren't getting along. Unfortunately things escalate to an uncontrollable situation and Danny is forced to shoot an Arab American.

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s02e03 / Partners

22nd Jan '03 - 3:00am
Partners Summary

Since Vic's still raw over Tio's passing, the gruesome beating of Armadillo, and the fact that Claudette won't lay off of his connection to Tio, he decides to take the day off and leave his Strike Team in David's care. While they're off busting male hookers working outside David's campaign headquarters, Vic and his old partner, Joe, check in on an old enemy - Fleetwood. Joe still holds a grudge against the man that had him kicked off the force. Now it's time for payback. He knows Fleetwood's still scheming, so he gets Vic to back him up on a bust that ends up going horribly awry. Meanwhile, Danny discovers that Julien didn't back up her version of the shooting at the Al-Thanis' and now may be pulling desk duty for the rest of her career unless things are cleared up. In the midst of all this chaos, a young man enters the barn with a severed arm and drops it on Dutch's desk. Once he discovers that the arm belongs to a woman who's still alive, he and Claudette find themselves running against the clock to find her before she dies.

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s02e04 / Carte Blanche

22nd Jan '03 - 3:00am
Carte Blanche Summary

Now that Vic is back to work, he and Shane go undercover as dirty cops to find the culprit behind a robbery/hugging at an Armenian jewelry store. Meanwhile Dutch and Claudette discover that aballoon turned in during a Toys forballoons Drive is linked to an old case of Claudette's. In a bid for the Asian community's support in the upcoming election, David assigns Danny and Julien to keep an eye on a priest and his Korean parish. Danny is forced to deal with the fallout form the shooting of an Arab man.

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s02e05 / Greenlit

5th Feb '03 - 3:00am
Greenlit Summary

As Vic and the Strike Team make plans to bring down the money train, Connie reports that she heard about a guy who's distributing heroin to kids in the middle schools. When David hears of this new threat, he decides to work with Mackey to bring in the culprit. Dutch and Claudette offer to help a woman looking for her Alzheimer addled mother who's wandered off and discover that the woman may be retracing her past in Farmington. Meanwhile as Danny tries to uncover the person anonymously harassing her, Julien reveals a surprising development in his personal life.

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s02e06 / Homewrecker

12th Feb '03 - 3:00am
Homewrecker Summary

When Danny and Julien get a call to a women's shelter and find a massacre, Dutch, Claudette, and Vic have to work together to find out who's behind the slaughter, which leads Claudette as the odd man out when Dutch sides with Vic on how to handle the situation. David partners with Julien for the day leading the two to help a kid find his stolen bicycle.

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s02e07 / Barnstormers

19th Feb '03 - 3:00am
Barnstormers Summary

Vic and the Strike Team begin to make plans for the money train take down, even though the greenlight still has them on their toes. Meanwhile, Vic and Emma try to a help a woman who's in an abusive relationship. When David tells Dutch that he embarrassed the department with the Bob and Marcy case and that Claudette is now lead on all their cases, he's forced to take any action necessary to prove himself in a new hugging. Danny finally makes a stand against Yassirah.

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s02e08 / Scar Tissue

26th Feb '03 - 3:00am
Scar Tissue Summary

When Vic discovers that Ronnie has been burned by Armadillo as payback, he, Shane, and Lemonhead swear they'll do whatever it takes to put an end to him. Meanwhile Claudette makes further headway on her investigation of Vic when she has a private talk with Corrine, and Dutch takes Danny under his wing as they try and find the culprit behind the beating of a man in Thai Town.

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s02e09 / Co-Pilot

5th Mar '03 - 3:00am
Co-Pilot Summary

Flashback to the first day of the Barn. Under pressure to get results, Vic and his new Strike Team make an impression on the streets. Dutch and Claudette realize they make a good team, and Aceveda discovers that he doesn't have as much power as he thought he would.

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s02e10 / Coyotes

12th Mar '03 - 3:00am
Coyotes Summary

When Lanie's report on the Barn is leaked to the press, everyone suddenly fears for their jobs, including David who's mentioned as the reason for most of the problems. Gilroy skips bail and winds up on Vic's doorstep looking for help, so while Vic and Shane deal with him Lemonhead is forced to show the newest member of the Strike Team the ropes. Meanwhile Claudette faces some of her own demons as she and Dutch try to uncover the culprit behind a possible robbery/hugging and Danny comes to a startling realization.

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s02e11 / Inferno

19th Mar '03 - 3:00am
Inferno Summary

Ronnie's recovered form his face burning and has come up with a plan to take down the money train and Vic, Shane, and Lemonhead are all in. Unfortunately a federal criminal's name comes across the Teletype and suddenly Vic, Shane, and Tavon have to switch focus and use an old connection to track him down. They use all the tricks in the book to bring this guy in because they want to prove to Lanie the Barn is still a worthy cause. While Dutch and Claudette investigate the rape of a young girl, they come across some startling information that puts the crime in a whole new light. And the same day Julien makes a great save an old friend shows up to ruin it.

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s02e12 / Breakpoint

26th Mar '03 - 3:00am
Breakpoint Summary

While the Strike Team puts the finishing touches on the money train take down, Vic goes it alone and works with Dutch and Claudette to find a missing kid. David gets an unwanted visit from the Chief and Julien receives an unpleasant surprise.

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s02e13 / Dominoes Falling

2nd Apr '03 - 3:00am
Dominoes Falling Summary

When a gang execution hits close to home for Claudette, Vic, Tavon, and Dutch work together to find the culprit before anyone else gets hurt. Shane, Lemonhead, and Ronnie are forced to choose between hitting the money train without Vic or letting it go. Meanwhile, Danny receives some life changing news and Julien's harassment reaches a whole new level.

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