Bottom Bitch Summary

When Claudette takes control of both the Strike Team and the new Decoy Squad, their first assignment is a hooker sweep. What Vic thinks is a simple sweep, quickly becomes a nightmare when a prostitute, Farrah, is determined to bring down her pimp at any cost and wants Vic's help. When Claudette orders Vic to work with Farrah, he finds himself conflicted between Claudette's plan and Farrah's blackmail. Meanwhile Dutch discovers an elderly woman rape case with a sick twist is just the beginning of a disturbing pattern. David is forced to choose between his job as Captain and his future as Councilman when a man he knows and respects is arrested for solicitation during the sweep. Back on duty, Danny tries to get in good with Tommy and Julian by helping them on a stolen stereo bust and giving them the credit. After his run-in with Farrah, Vic decides to check up on Connie's son who is living in an overcrowded foster home. Meanwhile, tension rises between Shane and Mara when Shane feels the relationship is going too fast and Mara reveals she is pregnant.

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The Shield Show Summary

The Shield breaks the conventional formula of the cop genre. It plays out in a tough, morally ambiguous world in which the line between good and bad is crossed ever day. The series focuses on the tension between a group of corrupt but effective cops and a captain torn between bringing them down and advancing his own political ambitions.

The Shield stars rogue cop "Det. Vic Mackey", leader of the elite Strike Team unit, who is effective at eliminating crime but who operates under his own set of rules. "Captain David Aceveda", the young precinct head who doesn't like Mackey's tactics and wants to bust him off the force. And "Det. Claudette Wyms", a veteran detective who understands Mackey and knows how to play both sides of the fence.

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