Series 1, Episode 2 Summary

Saara is put to work combing through the text in the virus, looking for passwords. It's a monotonous job, but after many hours she finds a suspicious line of encrypted text within the code. Her colleagues think it's unimportant, but Saara isn't convinced. She also gets more familiar with the players at GCHQ and makes some unlikely friends. With their help, Saara unravels a dubious invitation to rendezvous - but is she closer to the truth or just willingly entering a carefully baited trap?

The Undeclared War Season 1 Episodes...

The Undeclared War Show Summary

The Undeclared War takes place in the post-pandemic world of 2024 against the backdrop of an upcoming British general election involving the UK's first Black Conservative prime minister. It tracks a leading team of analysts at the heart of the UK's NSA-style spy agency GCHQ as they attempt to ward off a cyber-attack on the country's electoral system.

Pegg features as Danny Patrick, GCHQ's head of operations, while Rylance plays John Yeabsley, a GCHQ old hand, who is brought back into the fold to support former colleagues in combatting the heightened threat level. Saara Parvan is a young student doing work experience in the GCHQ Malware Department, while other characters include Kathy Freeman, an American cyber-analyst on attachment at GCHQ from the NSA, and GCHQ head David Neal.

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