The Universe
Season 6

s06e01 / Catastrophes That Changed the Planets

26th Oct '11 - 12:00am
Catastrophes That Changed the Planets

The planets of our solar system have experienced epic catastrophes throughout their long history, both raining down from outside and bubbling up from within. We'll voyage back in time to investigate the unhappy events that profoundly shaped the planets, including earth itself.

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s06e02 / Nemesis: The Secret Planet

2nd Nov '11 - 12:00am
Nemesis: The Secret Planet

The theory of a Nemesis star that orbits the sun and causes catastrophic events every 26 million years is explored.

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s06e03 / How the Solar System was Made

9th Nov '11 - 1:00am
How the Solar System was Made

At 4.6 billion years old, the Solar System is our solid, secure home in the Universe. But how did it come to be? In this episode we trace the system's birth from a thin cloud of dust and gas. Shocked by a nearby supernova, the pull of gravity and natural rotation spun it into a flat disc from which the Sun and planets coalesced.

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s06e04 / Crash Landing on Mars

23rd Nov '11 - 1:00am
Crash Landing on Mars

What might happen if the first manned mission to Mars crashes hundreds of miles from the rocket that would take them back home? Could they survive the crash, and travel across the brutal Martian surface to their home ship?

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s06e05 / Worst Days on Planet Earth

30th Nov '11 - 1:00am
Worst Days on Planet Earth

Earth may seem like the most hospitable planet in the solar system. But look again. Startling new discoveries reveal the blue planet has been plagued by more chaos and destruction than scientists once imagined. Stand on the Earth billions of years ago as a primitive planet slams into it. Shiver as our entire globe is frozen over like a gigantic snowball.

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s06e06 / UFO: The Real Deal

14th Dec '11 - 1:00am
UFO: The Real Deal

The theory of a Nemesis star that orbits the sun and causes catastrophic events every 26 million years is explored.

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s06e07 / God and the Universe

21st Dec '11 - 1:00am
God and the Universe

Since the dawn of civilization, humans have wondered who or what created the universe. Religion offers a spiritual answer, but do the latest discoveries in physics show evidence of a transcendent intelligence, or simply that the laws of physics by themselves could have led to the universe in which we live? This episode embarks on a mind-bending scientific search for God, asking physicists and theologians if the seemingly miraculous way the universe has been calibrated to support life is evidence of a creator...whether string theory will eventually be able to rule out the existence of God...why Stephen Hawking says the universe could have been created spontaneously...and how an advanced civilization in another universe could have conceivably created our own.

292 have watched this episode
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