The Walking Dead
Season 4

s04e01 / 30 Days Without an Accident

14th Oct '13 - 1:00am
30 Days Without an Accident

Old and new members of the group seem to have made themselves at home in the prison, when a scouting expedition for provisions goes terribly wrong. Rick has to deal with a lost soul outside the gates.

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s04e02 / Infected

21st Oct '13 - 1:00am

As the group faces a brand new enemy, Rick and the others must fight to protect the livelihood they worked so hard to create at the prison.

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s04e03 / Isolation

28th Oct '13 - 1:00am

As one group leaves the prison in search for supplies at a local college, those who stay must deal with recent losses while preserving what remains.

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s04e04 / Indifference

4th Nov '13 - 2:00am

While on a supplies mission to a local college, members of the group run into multiple hurdles. Things at the prison are getting worse.

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s04e05 / Internment

11th Nov '13 - 2:00am

Assorted enemies pressure Rick and the group. The survivors and the prison may reach a breaking point.

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s04e06 / Live Bait

18th Nov '13 - 2:00am
Live Bait

A familiar face returns as each member of the group struggles to find his or her humanity in a world of constant threats.

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s04e07 / Dead Weight

25th Nov '13 - 2:00am
Dead Weight

Something new unfolds at a camp outside the prison. The addition of new members may threaten peace.

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s04e08 / Too Far Gone

2nd Dec '13 - 2:00am
Too Far Gone

After things begin to calm down at the prison, Rick and his group now face imminent danger and destruction. This time, they might not win.

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s04e09 / After

10th Feb '14 - 2:00am

As Rick deals with old wounds, members of the prison have to come to terms with their new environment and ask themselves if survival alone is enough.

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s04e10 / Inmates

17th Feb '14 - 2:00am

In the quest for stability and safety, the group faces many obstacles.

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s04e11 / Claimed

24th Feb '14 - 2:00am

A number of immediate threats plague Rick. Group members deal with their past.

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s04e12 / Still

3rd Mar '14 - 2:00am

An enlightened mission springs from a request from one of the group members.

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s04e13 / Alone

10th Mar '14 - 1:00am

One group finds a shelter; a group has a realization about protection.

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s04e14 / The Grove

17th Mar '14 - 1:00am
The Grove

After establishing a new shelter, the group considers things returning to the way they used to be.

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s04e15 / Us

24th Mar '14 - 1:00am

Glenn and Maggie each continue to head towards Terminus, and each other. Daryl struggles to get along with a new group of survivors that are less than friendly to him.

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s04e16 / A

31st Mar '14 - 1:00am

Many paths collide; Rick faces sheer brutality; the group struggles to survive.

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