X Marks the Spot Summary

A young girl's imaginary friend encourages her to attempt to hug her own mother. FBI Agent Claire Bennigan comes off of leave to investigate what seems to be a routine case, but soon learns that there have been a rash of a reports of a mysterious individual called "Drill" who has incited other children to acts of violence. Meanwhile, in the Sahara desert, Defense Department agent Wes Lawrence is summoned to the scene of a bizarre F-22 crash.

The Whispers Season 1 Episodes...

The Whispers Show Summary

We love to play games with our children. But what happens when someone else starts to play with them too? Someone we don't know. Can't see. Can't hear.

In The Whispers, someone or something - is manipulating the ones we love most to accomplish the unthinkable. An unseen alien force has figured this human weakness out. They have invaded earth and are using our most unlikely resource to achieve world domination - our children.

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