The White Queen
Season 1

s01e01 / In Love With The King

16th Jun '13 - 9:00pm
In Love With The King

Elizabeth Woodville, a widowed commoner, waits by the roadside with her two young sons. Her husband has been killed fighting for deposed Lancastrian King Henry VI and her wealth has been confiscated. Her only hope is to try to catch the eye of her family's greatest enemy, York King Edward IV. It works, and the king stops and visits her family home at Grafton.

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s01e02 / The Price of Power

23rd Jun '13 - 9:00pm
The Price of Power

Elizabeth's coronation ends up being a very grand affair. She and her mother Jacquetta then get to work, marrying off her siblings to the nobility to make sure of their family's security, and create a royal family loyal to Edward as he attempts to bring peace to England. The Lancastrians are stripped of their titles and Margaret Beaufort is determined to do something about it. After Elizabeth learns that her father and brother John are dead after being captured and beheaded without charge or trial, on the orders of Warwick, she is devastated and realises that her passion for Edward has cost her too much. Margaret is pleased after she learns that Edward has been captured and visits her young son Henry Tudor at Pembroke Castle and tells him that he will be the next king. Elizabeth is determined to gain revenge on Warwick and Edward's brother George for killing her father and brother.

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s01e03 / The Storm

30th Jun '13 - 9:00pm
The Storm

Desperate to further her son's claim to the throne, Margaret Beaufort joins Warwick's rebellion against Edward. The rebellion fails and the traitors must run for their lives. Jasper Tudor escapes into exile, while Warwick and George sail for France. Elizabeth and Jacquetta turn to witchcraft to stop them, but it is Isabel who is punished.

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s01e04 / The Bad Queen

7th Jul '13 - 9:00pm
The Bad Queen

Elizabeth feels troubled after hearing the news of Isabel and George's dead son. Rumours begin to surface that Warwick is making a new alliance with his old enemy, Margaret of Anjou and planning to restore her husband Henry VI to the throne. George is not happy as it means that he will now never be King. Elizabeth and Jacquetta visit George's mother, Cecily, and point out that her son could now be fighting for Lancaster and at risk of being executed.

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s01e05 / War at First Hand

14th Jul '13 - 9:00pm
War at First Hand

Lancaster is restored to the throne, with Warwick in control. But rumours that Edward is returning with an army unsettle the court. Anne and Margaret of Anjou sail from France, uncertain they will reach Warwick in time to win. Divided families face each other across the battlefield. Can Elizabeth's witchcraft save her husband, or will Warwick triumph? As many fall in the battle, everyone's fortunes change forever.

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s01e06 / Love and Death

21st Jul '13 - 9:00pm
Love and Death

The crown is secure, but there is no peace at court. Elizabeth suffers more emotional turmoil as she loses those closest to her. Margaret Beaufort plans a political marriage to bring Henry home from exile - but has she met her match in Lord Stanley? Anne's marriage made her a traitor, so she is handed into George's care. His motives for keeping her away from court are questioned by Richard, who fears for Anne's safety.

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s01e07 / Poison and Malmsey Wine

28th Jul '13 - 9:00pm
Poison and Malmsey Wine

Elizabeth loses a child after giving birth and after he is handed to Margaret Beaufort he comes alive in her hands and Elizabeth thinks that Margaret has saved him. Anne also gives birth to a baby boy, and is living happily away from court. After she realises though that her husband Richard Duke of Gloucester has brought her mother to live with them, her piece is shattered. Edward IV is determined to wage war with France.

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s01e08 / Long Live the King

4th Aug '13 - 9:00pm
Long Live the King

Elizabeth is worried that Edward is allowing Henry Tudor to return back home from exile. Edward reveals to her that he would rather have his enemies close. After Edward suddenly becomes extremely ill he names his brother Richard as Lord Protector on his deathbed. Elizabeth is devastated following his death as she is no longer Queen and her fortunes have gone.

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s01e09 / The Princes in the Tower

11th Aug '13 - 9:00pm
The Princes in the Tower

The future of the princes in the Tower is in Richard's hands: they are a threat to his reign but also to Margaret's hopes of seeing her son Henry Tudor on the throne. As Margaret plots the boys' removal, Anne is tormented by fears she has unwittingly sealed the princes' fate. Elizabeth, in sanctuary, is horrified to realise she has made a pact with her enemies and turns to witchcraft to punish the guilty.

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s01e10 / The Final Battle

18th Aug '13 - 9:00pm
The Final Battle

Princess Elizabeth's engagement to Henry Tudor threatens to divide court loyalties. Richard knows he can no longer avoid the battle which will decide his fate as king. Margaret does not know whose side her husband will support, and fears for her son. As the final battle for the crown draws near, Elizabeth continues to plot to put her daughter on the throne whatever the outcome.

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