Episode 2: The Auditions Part 2 Summary

The judges visit Newcastle. Two rivalry bands both get through to the next round. A girl tries out with her two best friends, only to be told by Simon that she has to ditch them if she wants to go any further. After a heart-to-heart with her friends, the girl tries out in front of the judges on her own. Louis gets re-acquainted with an old friend. Simon suggests that Louis take her out, then when she turns up for their lunch date with her dog, Louis runs away from Simon and out of the back door.

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The X Factor (UK) Show Summary

Each X Factor judge is in charge of a different section of singers on the show. The judges do not know what section of the competition they will be in charge of until the audition process has finished. Each judge then has to pick four acts to take forward to the live section of the show. Each week the two acts with the lowest amount of public votes have to sing again in a final showdown after which the judges decide who should be eliminated. Once there are only five acts left remaining it becomes left to the public to decide who should go.

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