Toast of London
Season 3

s03e01 / Over the Moon

18th Nov '15 - 10:40pm
Over the Moon

Live on chat show Lorraine Toast tells a tale that could not only topple the US Government but also destroy the entire world. Meanwhile, he's got an outdoor production of Macbeth to prepare for.

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s03e02 / Beauty Calls

25th Nov '15 - 10:40pm
Beauty Calls

Toast's romance with a weather girl is thrown into jeopardy when he and Ed are asked to judge an international beauty contest.

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s03e03 / Hamm on Toast

2nd Dec '15 - 10:40pm
Hamm on Toast

Toast experiences the charisma of Mad Men star Jon Hamm.

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s03e04 / Bob a Job

9th Dec '15 - 10:40pm
Bob a Job

Persuaded by Jane at the promise of a potential role as the British Attaché in Kevin Spacey's House of Cards, Toast takes part in a Royal Variety Performance hosted by Bob Monkhouse. While Toast is trying to cope with Monkhouse's constant jokes and the strain of working with Ray Purchase yet again, Scramble Studio's Danny Bear is getting ready for a life-changing operation. When it's time to go under the knife, however, it seems Ed's recommended 'surgeon' may cut a few corners to save a bob or two. And although Toast's legendary Sand Dance performance might go well, he still doesn't have a clue what Monkhouse is on about.

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s03e05 / Man of Sex

16th Dec '15 - 10:40pm
Man of Sex

Toast and Ed are tasked with collecting legendary actor, and drinker, Ormond Sacker from rehab. After a number of failed attempts things begin to look up when Sacker is cast alongside Toast in West End play Man of Sex. Toast, meanwhile, is dating Varrity Map, a doctor of drumming, and despite his ex-wife Ellen bringing out an autobiography, he is determined not to be affected by her no-doubt slanderous comments about him. But when Varrity's rhythm starts to grow irritating and Sacker succumbs to the booze after the opening night, Toast has to deal not only with his nemesis Ray Purchase but Ray's 'even worse' twin brother.

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s03e06 / Global Warming

23rd Dec '15 - 10:40pm
Global Warming

You know what they say, 'an actor cannot truly call himself an actor until he's performed at the Globe'. That, and never work with animals. London is having the hottest weather since weather began, Ed's Australian nephew has come to say, and the latest fad of 'Blue Spruce' furniture is spreading like wild fire. When Toast begs Jane to get him in at the Globe Theatre, he's less than impressed with the director, Daz Klondyke, who's rumoured to be the hottest thing in UK theatre. However when he's cast in Klondyke's all-dog version of Twelfth Night, it's not long before Toast gets his fingers burnt as he tries to become a real actor.

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