Top Gear
Season 20

s20e01 / New Zealand Yacht Race

30th Jun '13 - 8:00pm
New Zealand Yacht Race

The motoring magazine returns with the action kicking off in New Zealand, as Jeremy Clarkson and James May race a car against a boat in a nail-biting battle up the beautiful coastline to the very tip of the North Island. The boat is a state-of-the-art America's Cup yacht, while the car is of a type many are familiar with yet have never before seen on Top Gear.

Meanwhile, back in the UK, Richard Hammond attempts to find a hot hatch hero from a trio of newcomers, the Renaultsport Clio 200, Peugeot 208 GTI and Ford Fiesta ST, and a cavalcade of top stars assemble at the track to welcome a brand new Reasonably Priced Car.

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s20e02 / World's Best Taxi

7th Jul '13 - 8:00pm
World's Best Taxi

Jeremy Clarkson tests the sensational 730 horsepower Ferrari F12 in the wide open spaces of Scotland, Richard Hammond harnesses the power of motorsport to find the world's best taxi, and James May pays tribute to BBC Television Centre using a motorcyclist and a pair of parkour runners. Meanwhile, the extraordinary BAC Mono is put to the test on the track and movie director Ron Howard is the star in the brand new Reasonably Priced Car.

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s20e03 / 'Budget' Supercar Convertibles

14th Jul '13 - 8:00pm
'Budget' Supercar Convertibles

Motoring magazine. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May visit Spain, with Clarkson in a McLaren 12C Spider, Hammond driving a Ferrari 458 Spider and May using an Audi R8 V10 Spyder. Over the course of their travels the three presenters and their mid-range convertible supercars encounter mountain passes, ghost towns and an incredible abandoned airport, before building their own street circuit in the deserted developments of Madrid. Also in this show, Sherlock and Star Trek actor Benedict Cumberbatch is the star in the Reasonably Priced Car.

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s20e04 / Hovervan

21st Jul '13 - 8:00pm

The lads build a car that can turn into a hovercraft. Jeremy is on the track in the insane Mercedes SLS Black and the 739 horsepower SLS Electric. Hollywood star Hugh Jackman is the star in the Reasonably Priced Car.

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s20e05 / Caravan Towing

28th Jul '13 - 8:00pm
Caravan Towing

Jeremy and James look at the increasingly popular type of tall hatchback referred to as a 'crossover'. Richard travels to Italy to drive a pair of Lamborghinis. Steven Tyler is the star in the Reasonably Priced Car this week.

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s20e06 / Jaguar F-Type

4th Aug '13 - 8:00pm
Jaguar F-Type

Jeremy Clarkson drives the new Jaguar F-type sports car on some of Britain's finest roads; James May takes the New Bus for London for a nice day out in the country; and Richard Hammond tests the new Range Rover Sport off-road, on track and in its most natural habitat, the lanes of Cheshire.

Inspired by these machines, the presenters meet up for an epic celebration of all that is great about Britain's motor industry, culminating in a grand finale in front of Buckingham Palace.

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