Season 1

s01e01 / Klamath Falls

12th Feb '24 - 4:00am
Klamath Falls Summary

Colter's handlers send him to Klamath Falls, Oregon, to investigate the disappearance of 14-year-old Gil Brown who is suspected to have been taken by his birth dad with a criminal background. While pursuing a lead at a local burger joint based on intel, Colter finds himself in some trouble of his own.

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s01e02 / Missoula

19th Feb '24 - 2:00am
Missoula Summary

Colter tracks down a missing young man who has been pulled into a deadly cult and doesn't want to be found.

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s01e03 / Springland

26th Feb '24 - 2:00am
Springland Summary

As Colter helps a young woman locate her free-spirited sister, he digs deeper into how the sister's last days may lead to a dark secret she unearthed in this tight-knit town.

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s01e04 / Mt. Shasta

4th Mar '24 - 2:00am
Mt. Shasta Summary

Colter races against the clock to find the missing teenage son of Reenie's close friend Erika.

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s01e05 / St. Louis

18th Mar '24 - 1:00am
St. Louis Summary

The odds are stacked against Colter as he is tasked by a convicted cuddleer's teenage daughter to track down a missing witness who could prove her dad's innocence.

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s01e06 / Lexington

25th Mar '24 - 1:00am
Lexington Summary

Colter reluctantly teams up with his nemesis, fellow reward seeker Billie Matalon, to track down a missing racehorse.

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s01e07 / Chicago

1st Apr '24 - 1:00am
Chicago Summary

Colter, Bobby and Reenie race against time to track down a talented MMA fighter who disappeared while trying to solve her family's trouble with their visas.

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s01e08 / Camden

15th Apr '24 - 1:00am
Camden Summary

Colter tracks down a dockworker who went missing two weeks before his wedding following a confrontation with his past.

s01e09 / Aurora

22nd Apr '24 - 1:00am
Aurora Summary

When a widower offers a reward to find his only daughter who disappeared three years ago and is presumed dead, Colter agrees to help track her down. After the missing girl's father shows Colter a newspaper photo from a recent county fair he's convinced is her, Colter's search leads him into the world of amateur ghost hunting and paranormal activity

s01e10 / Season 1, Episode 10

29th Apr '24 - 1:00am

s01e11 / Season 1, Episode 11

6th May '24 - 1:00am

s01e12 / Season 1, Episode 12

13th May '24 - 1:00am

s01e13 / Season 1, Episode 13

20th May '24 - 1:00am
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