The Citizen Summary

Perceptor explains his discovery but Hot Rod states that the Titan, named Iaconus, is not active and thus unable to help them. As he, Clobber, Dead End and Whirl venture deep into Iaconus to obtain a cloaking device that shielded them from the Quintessons, the four end up in a training simulator. Perceptor meets up with the four Cybertronians again, having an arm decapitated and discovered the inner workings of Iaconus as well. The group is then attacked by a crocodile bot which they fend off. As the five approach the cloaking device, Maccadam arrives and discourages them from taking the device before explaining the history of Iaconus. Back at the surface, Hot Rod later decides to awaken Iaconus to stop the Quintessons.

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Transformers: Cyberverse Show Summary

When Bumblebee can't remember what his current mission on Earth is, Windblade repairs his memory chips, enabling him to rediscover his past adventures on Cybertron. When his memories are being repaired, Bumblebee gets a clue that will lead both him and Windblade to complete their mission and save their friends, unaware that Megatron sent his Decepticon assassins to hunt them down.

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