01 /  History Lessons

22nd Oct '16 - 1:30pm
History Lessons

A visit to an old Autobot base, reveals a new enemy with plans of his own.


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02 /  Strongarm's Big Score

29th Oct '16 - 1:30pm
Strongarm's Big Score

An attempt to impress Fixit turns dangerous when Strongarm encounters another member of the Scavengers.


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03 /  Pretzel Logic

5th Nov '16 - 1:30pm
Pretzel Logic

As the Bee Team continues their relic hunt, Grimlock encounters a surprising new ally.


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04 /  Mighty Big Trouble

12th Nov '16 - 2:30pm
Mighty Big Trouble

The Scavengers come across the long discarded Dark Star Saber, which Starscream is more than happy to put to his own use.


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05 /  Mini-Con Madness

19th Nov '16 - 2:30pm
Mini-Con Madness

Optimus Prime returns and leads the Bee Team to rescue Bumblebee, Fixit, Slipstream, and Jetstorm from Starscream and his bounty hunters. The team split up and end up teaming up with the Mini-Con Weaponizers. Unfortunately the Scavengers get in the way of the group"s rescue efforts. Meanwhile, Fixit and Drift's students try to escape and Starscream reveals his revenge plans to Bumblebee.


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06 /  Worthy

26th Nov '16 - 2:30pm

The Autobots battle to stop Starscream from Power Surge linking with all seven of the Mini-Con Weaponizers and gaining ultimate power.


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