S04E10 House Call Summary

Feeling compelled to learn more about herself in Israel, Ali stays back as the rest of the family returns to Los Angeles. Sarah, Len, and Lila reevaluate their complicatedrelationship. Josh confronts his sex and love issues head on. Maura and Davis reclaim the Pfefferman house from an unwanted guest.

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Transparent Show Summary

"Transparent" centers on Mort who gathers his three adult kids - Ali, Sarah and Joshua - for a talk about the future, but everyone is shocked to learn that it's not a financial inheritance at stake, but rather the complex legacy of a secret life as a transgender.

Everyone's relationship - to the world, themselves, and each other - through the lens of boundaries, intimacy, sex and gender - is about to change.

**NOTE: Even though Amazon Prime releases all episodes of Transparent on one day, they are portrayed on the Calendar as airing one episode a day, for ease of visualisation.

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