Season 3

s03e01 / Knock with Me, Rock with Me

24th Sep '12 - 2:00am
Knock with Me, Rock with Me

Season 3 begins in the fall of 2007, as the neighborhood is shocked by police officers' response to a brass-band procession for a fallen musician. Meanwhile, Delmond and Albert experience different reactions to their new album; Toni finds a new ally in her ongoing crusade for justice; LaDonna is uncomfortable in her temporary lodgings; and in New York, Janette is reunited with Enrico Brulard.

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s03e02 / Saints

1st Oct '12 - 2:00am

Antoine's students show interest and Annie's demo hits the mark; Sonny and Linh show interest, but no marks are hit; L.P. Everett's new case has smoke and fire; heat at the in-laws' house forces LaDonna to move; Hidalgo discovers a new angle; Janette's resistance slips; Albert learns he has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

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s03e03 / Me Donkey Want Water

8th Oct '12 - 2:00am
Me Donkey Want Water

Janette, Aunt Mimi and Annie commit to new deals, with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Toni may have found the hugger she seeks, but Terry is still looking for his; L.P. meets his victim's family; Antoine plays his bone in Texas; Sonny plays his music closer to home.

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s03e04 / The Greatest Love

15th Oct '12 - 2:00am
The Greatest Love

Antoine does a good deed, and a homeowner suspects Nelson's deeds may not be so good. Davis fails to sign "Sugar Boy" Crawford for his opera, but Delmond gets his father to sign up for assistance from New Orleans Musicians' Clinic. L.P. learns that his headless skeleton wasn't always so.

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s03e05 / I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say

22nd Oct '12 - 2:00am
I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say

Antoine does the "Cupid Shuffle", as Desiree's mother's house collapses. Annie's visiting parents learn about her record deal. Albert's kids learn about his lymphoma. Toni learns about Sofia's boyfriend. Sofia gets stopped by Officer Billy Wilson, prompting Toni to appeal to NOPD captain Marcus Grayson. Janette has a reunion.

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s03e06 / Careless Love

29th Oct '12 - 2:00am
Careless Love

Sonny rushes, but still misses the boat. Fats Domino tickles Davis' fancy and a few of the ivories. Antoine seeks reading help for Jennifer. Janette endures corporate hell. Toni and L.P. get a witness. Desiree gets a new ally.

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s03e07 / Promised Land

5th Nov '12 - 3:00am
Promised Land

It's Carnival time: Toni finds Judge Gatling dispensing judicial orders and potables at Galatoire's. Janette seeks counsel from Emeril Lagasse and deconstructs crawfish etouffée with Al Roker. Sonny falls on the wagon. As Nelson schmoozes, Annie sits in with the Neville Brothers at the Washington, D.C. Mardi Gras Ball.

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s03e08 / Don't You Leave Me Here

12th Nov '12 - 3:00am
Don't You Leave Me Here

Desautel's on the Avenue opens softly. Sonny pawns instruments to buy jewelry. LaDonna gets threats from a stranger and support from Albert. Sofia gets evicted for her own protection. Terry finds a case collapsing and his popularity declining. Desirée confronts Robinette.

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s03e09 / Poor Man's Paradise

19th Nov '12 - 3:00am
Poor Man's Paradise

Janette's restaurant is the talk of the town, but the popularity of a signature dish has her chefs feeling the heat in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Colson's strained relationship with the rest of the police department comes with a personal risk; Desiree confronts Nelson about his demolition contracts; Annie begins to tire of Davis' sulky attitude; Albert meets the jazz center's benefactors; and LaDonna finally finds out what's behind all the threats she's been getting.

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s03e10 / Tipitina

26th Nov '12 - 3:00am

Davis and Cheeky Blakk go "full ghetto" on Davis' goodbye to the musician's life. Tim Feeny reveals himself and his intentions to Janette when he finds out that she's throwing an unauthorized benefit for Gigi's. Delmond parts ways with the powers that be. Toni sees hope that Joey Abreu's hugger may be prosecuted.

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