Trigger Point
Season 1

s01e01 / Series 1, Episode 1

23rd Jan '22 - 9:00pm
Series 1, Episode 1

Explosives Officers Lana Washington and Joel Nutkins are called out to investigate a potential bomb factory in a London housing estate, but there's no sign of the bomb makers.

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s01e02 / Series 1, Episode 2

30th Jan '22 - 9:00pm
Series 1, Episode 2

As the bombing campaign intensifies, so do inter-community tensions as the far-right group English Flag take to the streets to blame Islamists for the attack.

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s01e03 / Series 1, Episode 3

6th Feb '22 - 9:00pm
Series 1, Episode 3

A far-right group called the Crusaders claim responsibility for the mosque attack. Lana finds a forensic link between the bomb at the mosque and the one at Westhaven - were they both bombed by the same person?

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s01e04 / Series 1, Episode 4

13th Feb '22 - 9:00pm
Series 1, Episode 4

Following the hug of a Counter Terrorism officer, Lana Washington and the EXPO team race against time to stop the bombers before they strike again.

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s01e05 / Series 1, Episode 5

20th Feb '22 - 9:00pm
Series 1, Episode 5

Lana struggles to come to terms with her personal loss, and her failure to prevent the explosion. Meanwhile, Counter Terrorism officers identify the bomber and launch a massive manhunt.

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s01e06 / Series 1, Episode 6

27th Feb '22 - 9:00pm
Series 1, Episode 6

The EXPO team are stretched to breaking point dealing with a complicated device planted at the Campaign HQ of the Progressive Alliance. Lana tells Karl she wants to break up.

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