Season 2

s02e01 / A Nice Boy

22nd May '21 - 3:30am
A Nice Boy

Nikki and Jason have been approved to adopt, but they're finding the matching process a challenge. Social worker Penny has a plan.

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s02e02 / The Sun on Your Back

22nd May '21 - 3:59am
The Sun on Your Back

Penny sends Nikki and Jason to a fancy-dress party that could change their lives. Nikki helps her sister, Karen, choose a wedding dress.

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s02e03 / Big Heads

29th May '21 - 3:59am
Big Heads

Jason's ex threatens to come between him and Nikki at a family funeral. Karen struggles to get Scott involved in their wedding planning.

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s02e04 / Helicopters

5th Jun '21 - 3:59am

Nikki and Jason make a hopeful visit on their adoption journey. Nikki sets Erica up with Jason's friend. Karen is drawn to Deven, a single dad.

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s02e05 / Maddest Sweetest Thing

12th Jun '21 - 3:59am
Maddest Sweetest Thing

Nikki and Jason search for a bigger, child-friendly flat. Nikki fights for a promotion at work. Karen is tempted to cheat.

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s02e06 / A Long Way Down

19th Jun '21 - 3:59am
A Long Way Down

Jason plays detective after a problem is revealed at Ben and Denise's party. Freddy struggles in his relationship.

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s02e07 / Lift Me Up

26th Jun '21 - 3:59am
Lift Me Up

Planning Scott's stag night is a headache for Jason. Karen shares a secret with Nikki. Erica and Freddy's relationship begins to blur.

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s02e08 / I'm Scared

3rd Jul '21 - 3:59am
I'm Scared

Nikki and Jason must make a huge decision in a small amount of time.

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