Season 1

s01e01 / Pilot

7th Apr '14 - 1:00am

During the early years of the Revolutionary War, a Long Island farmer is recruited to spy on the British army.

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s01e02 / Who by Fire

14th Apr '14 - 1:00am
Who by Fire

To prevent Anna being blamed for the hug of a Royal Officer, Abe must find the culprit; Ben and Caleb interrogate Simcoe.

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s01e03 / Of Cabbage and Kings

21st Apr '14 - 1:00am
Of Cabbage and Kings

Ben is betrayed by his own militia while on the run from the British; Abe and Richard travel to New York; Mary confronts Anna.

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s01e04 / Eternity How Long

28th Apr '14 - 1:00am
Eternity How Long

Abe and Richard grapple with orders to dig up gravestones; Ben and Caleb try to get their intelligence to General Washington.

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s01e05 / Epiphany

5th May '14 - 1:00am

Celeb and Ben follow mysterious orders; Washington's army crosses into enemy territory.

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s01e06 / Mr. Culpeper

12th May '14 - 1:00am
Mr. Culpeper

Abe heads to New York and runs into a desperate patriot along the way. Ben is tasked with creating America's first spy ring.

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s01e07 / Mercy Moment Murder Measure

19th May '14 - 1:00am
Mercy Moment Murder Measure

An old threatening presence returns to Setauket, worrying Abe that Anna is no longer protected.

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s01e08 / Challenge

26th May '14 - 1:00am

Anna looks for enemy intelligence at an exclusive gentleman's party against Abe's wishes.

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s01e09 / Against Thy Neighbor

2nd Jun '14 - 1:00am
Against Thy Neighbor

Simcoe tries to hunt out the rebel conspirators in Setauket. Ben is sent away on a secret mission.

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s01e10 / The Battle of Setauket

9th Jun '14 - 1:00am
The Battle of Setauket

Mary struggles when she realizes that Abe is a spy working for the other side. Ben and Caleb hope to save Patriot families when they carry out a raid on Setauket.

2089 have watched this episode
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