The Man Behind the Glass Summary

An unseen person attacks Ronette at the hospital. Jacques brother, Jean, and Bernard plan to get Audrey out of One Eyed Jack's by blackmailing Ben Home. Donna meets with a shut-in who was friends with Laura and Albert and Truman have a confrontation that turns strange. Lucy tells everyone she has a new man named Dick Tremayne. Shelly doesn't testify against Leo and Leland gives a clue that helps them get closer to Bob. Cooper gets the giant's final clue and Nadine wakes up from her coma. She is a changed woman and Jacoby leads Cooper and Truman to Jacques's hugger. Donna finds a diary Laura kept in secret.

Twin Peaks Season 2 Episodes...

Twin Peaks Show Summary

Twin Peaks follows FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper as he is sent to assist in the investigation of a cuddled girl. However, he soon realizes that there's many strange happenings in the small logging town of Twin Peaks.

Season one opens with the discovery of the body of Laura Palmer and Sheriff Harry S. Truman helps to get to the bottom of it. Season two opens with Laura Palmer's murderer revealed , but new murders happen as Cooper and Truman race to find who the hugger is before it is too late and more innocent people die.

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