Two Doors Down
Season 3

s03e01 / Burns Supper

29th Jan '18 - 10:00pm
Burns Supper

A big meaty haggis for the neighbours and a tiny vegetarian one for Gordon are on the menu for Burns Night. Cathy and Colin, Ian and Gordon arrive to celebrate with Eric and Beth. To Eric's surprise, Christine turns up. She is back early from visiting her daughter Sophie, and is full of complaints about the journey. Sophie's partner has clearly failed to impress.

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s03e02 / Eric's Colon

5th Feb '18 - 10:00pm
Eric's Colon

Eric's patience is tested to the limit when his attempts to recover peacefully from a minor medical mishap are interrupted by his unruly neighbours.

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s03e03 / Break In

12th Feb '18 - 10:00pm
Break In

When Cathy and Colin's house is burgled, Cathy goes into meltdown. Beth and Eric find themselves cast as laundress and chief suspect.

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s03e04 / Fish Friday

19th Feb '18 - 10:00pm
Fish Friday

To celebrate Beth's birthday, Ian and Gordon are taking her and Eric for a pub meal. Learning that it is not the birthday day itself, Christine invites herself along and they pile into Gordon's car. At the pub, Ian suggests Beth choose the table, but Christine has her own ideas. Two courses for seven ninety-five leads to a lively discussion with Beth, Christine and Eric finally deciding on the haddock. Ian is disappointed when Eric insists on paying, but he takes consolation in knowing he has got a surprise cake for his mum in the car.

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s03e05 / Party Pieces

26th Feb '18 - 10:00pm
Party Pieces

Back from a quiz night at the pub, everyone is encouraged to reveal their hidden talents. Cathy is very bendy but Gordon not quite as agile as everyone had hoped.

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s03e06 / Alan and Michelle

5th Mar '18 - 10:00pm
Alan and Michelle

The new couple on the street are invited to Beth's to meet the neighbours. Everyone warms to them except for Cathy, whose competitive instincts get a little out of hand.

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