United States of Al
Season 2

s02e01 / Promises / Wadaha

8th Oct '21 - 1:30am
Promises / Wadaha

Al, Riley, Art, Lizzie and Vanessa work together against a ticking clock to get Al's sister out of Afghanistan and to safety after Kabul falls.

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s02e02 / Repo / Wapas Geri

15th Oct '21 - 1:30am
Repo / Wapas Geri

Al and Riley take on second jobs as "repo men" to make extra money to send to Al's sister, but Riley's behavior while working becomes concerning.

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s02e03 / Mo / Masoud

22nd Oct '21 - 1:30am
Mo / Masoud

Al tries to find an eligible Afghan-American bachelor for his sister to marry so she can move to the United States; Riley and Freddy challenge each other to a bowling match.

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s02e04 / Panic / Tars

29th Oct '21 - 1:30am
Panic / Tars

When Al begins having panic attacks, Riley, Art and Lizzie encourage him to seek therapy so he can deal with stress.

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s02e05 / Date / Didar

5th Nov '21 - 1:30am
Date / Didar

After Al and Ariana begin dating, they quickly realize they have different ideas about courtship. Also, when Hazel is punished and can't go to the drag race with Art, he takes Vanessa instead

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s02e06 / Veterans Day / Roz-e Sarbaz

12th Nov '21 - 2:30am
Veterans Day / Roz-e Sarbaz

Riley struggles with his disability rating as he prepares to meet up with some military buddies for Veterans Day. Also, with Art's help, Lizzie finally opens a box of her fiancé's belongings.

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s02e07 / College / Pohantoon

19th Nov '21 - 2:30am
College / Pohantoon

When Al struggles with the college class he is taking, Riley takes it upon himself to speak to his professor. Also, Art's confidence is shaken when he learns Lois used to be married to a professional football star.

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s02e08 / Wisdom / Hikmat

3rd Dec '21 - 2:30am
Wisdom / Hikmat

While Al is heavily medicated following surgery on his wisdom teeth, he mistakenly insults Art, forcing Riley to choose sides. Also, Lizzie tries to broker a peace among Art, Riley and Al.

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s02e09 / Christmas / Krismis

10th Dec '21 - 2:30am
Christmas / Krismis

Vanessa becomes upset when Riley invites his new girlfriend to a family Christmas party. Also, Art is uncomfortable when Lois gets him an incredibly expensive sweater as a gift

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s02e10 / Professor / Ustad

7th Jan '22 - 2:30am
Professor / Ustad

When Al invites his professor over for dinner, Al's professor and Lizzie start flirting with each other; Riley hits a snag in his physical relationship with Holly and seeks out his therapist for help.

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s02e11 / Punch / Musht

14th Jan '22 - 2:30am
Punch / Musht

When Hazel gets in trouble at school, Riley and Vanessa disagree on how to handle the issue.

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s02e12 / Poker / Pokar

21st Jan '22 - 2:30am
Poker / Pokar

Art grows concerned when Al gets hooked on playing poker, misses a class and is late for work. Also, Lizzie and Brett's relationship grows stronger, but she struggles with dating again for the first time in a few years.

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s02e13 / Hunt / Shikar

28th Jan '22 - 2:30am

s02e14 / Season 2, Episode 14

11th Feb '22 - 2:30am
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