Season 6

s06e01 / Raised in the System

7th Apr '18 - 3:00am
Raised in the System

Emmy-nominated actor Michael Kenneth Williams embarks on a personal journey to expose the root of the American mass incarceration crisis: the juvenile justice system.

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s06e02 / Battle for Jerusalem & A Face In The Crowd

14th Apr '18 - 3:00am
Battle for Jerusalem & A Face In The Crowd

A look at the aftermath of President Trump's announcement to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and a report from China on advances in facial recognition technology.

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s06e03 / A Revolution in Ruins & New Kids on the Blockchain

21st Apr '18 - 3:00am
A Revolution in Ruins & New Kids on the Blockchain

An inside look at how the Libyan revolution is failing and a front-row seat to the geopolitical tug of war over Internet 3.0.

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s06e04 / The Parkland Effect

28th Apr '18 - 3:00am
The Parkland Effect

Gianna Toboni sees firsthand how some teachers are taking up arms to be the "good guy with a gun that stops a bad guy with a gun" and explores the deep divisions in America that make it seem nearly impossible to stop these mass shootings.

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s06e05 / Massacre in Myanmar; The Blue Helmets

5th May '18 - 3:00am
Massacre in Myanmar; The Blue Helmets

Gianna Toboni travels to the Myanmar-Bangladesh border to investigate what the future holds for the world's most persecuted minority; correspondent Aris Roussinos joins U.N. peacekeepers on a peacekeeping operation across the lawless Sahara desert.

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s06e06 / Iran in Iraq & Dying on the Vine

12th May '18 - 3:00am
Iran in Iraq & Dying on the Vine

"Iran in Iraq" Iran and Iraq fought one of the longest and bloodiest wars of the 20th century, which cost the lives of more than a million people and cemented the two countries' rivalry in the decades that followed. But after the Islamic State took over wide swaths of Iraq, it was Iran that came to Iraq's aid. Now, after the defeat of ISIS, VICE correspondent Isobel Yeung travels to Iraq to see how Iran is exerting its growing influence over the war-torn country ahead of parliamentary elections. "Dying on the Vine" From sinking cities to species extinction, the effects of climate change are expected to be disastrous. These shifting weather patterns will directly impact our food supply. One beloved crop, the grape, is already facing threats due to its extreme sensitivity and these changes threaten the grape's main byproduct: Wine. In the vineyards of Napa during historic wildfires and the wine laboratories of Bordeaux, Gianna Toboni explores the dangers facing viticulture, and what they mean for agriculture everywhere.

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s06e07 / Russian Democracy & Global Gag Rule

19th May '18 - 3:00am
Russian Democracy & Global Gag Rule

"Russian Democracy": Russia held its seventh democratic presidential election in March and, as expected, Vladimir Putin added another six years to his already long tenure. With Putin now Russia's longest-serving leader since Stalin, VICE sent Ben Ferguson to speak with voters, candidates and opposition figures barred from running in hopes of discovering how democracy works in Russia. "Global Gag Rule": Just three days after his inauguration, President Trump signed a memorandum reinstating what's known as the Global Gag Rule, which eliminates U.S. funding for any NGO providing abortion-related services. In the year since, the effects of this policy have rippled across Africa. Gianna Toboni investigates the impact on women's health in Uganda.

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s06e08 / Printing Tomorrow & Are We Alone?

2nd Jun '18 - 3:00am
Printing Tomorrow & Are We Alone?

Krishna Andavolu delves into the cutting-edge world of 3D-printing, meeting the scientists and entrepreneurs pushing the boundaries of manufacturing, material science, and even space exploration. Scientists are closer than ever to finding life beyond Earth so VICE sent Nuclear physicist Taylor Wilson to explore one of our civilization's most haunting questions: Are we alone?

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s06e09 / No Choice But to Choose & Rebel Republic

9th Jun '18 - 3:00am
No Choice But to Choose & Rebel Republic

Gianna Toboni travels to Betsy DeVos' home state of Michigan to investigate the charter school movement and understand what the future of public education might look like. Ben Anderson covers the rarely reported crisis in the Central African Republic, at least 14 rebel groups have seized control of 75% of the country and half the population rely on humanitarian aid for survival.

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s06e10 / The Cost of Living & Paradise Lost

16th Jun '18 - 3:00am
The Cost of Living & Paradise Lost

An exploration of how big pharmaceuticals are impacting Americans. A visit to Puerto Rico, where many residents are still reeling from the devastating impact of Hurricane Maria.

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s06e11 / Separated By Birth

23rd Jun '18 - 3:00am
Separated By Birth

There are more than four million U.S.-born children living in the United States who have at least one undocumented immigrant parent. As U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) widens its target for enforcement, more of these kids - U.S. citizens by birth - could see their families uprooted by the arrest, detention, and removal of their parents. VICE Correspondent Krishna Andavolu embeds with ICE and explores what it's like to be an American kid growing up in the shadow of deportation.

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s06e12 / The Big Fix & Silicon Valley of India

30th Jun '18 - 3:00am
The Big Fix & Silicon Valley of India

America's infrastructure is in desperate need of more than trillion in upgrades and improvements, so Thomas Morton explores the crumbling bridges, tunnels, and waterways in the U.S. to see how much the situation has deteriorated and to find out if the Trump Administration's promise is being kept. Krishna Andavolu heads to the city of Bangalore to explore what may be the world's next Silicon Valley.

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s06e13 / A Kurdish State & Out of Space

7th Jul '18 - 3:00am
A Kurdish State & Out of Space

In Iraqi Kurdistan, Vice's Ben Anderson met those involved in the fight from the frontline to the Kurd's former guerrilla president to ask why the group recently voted for independence and what hopes they have for achieving a state of their own. Nuclear physicist Taylor Wilson joined the Air Force Space Command to see how a growing military and commercial space presence threatens the ubiquitous satellites, which are essential to humanity's digital way of life.

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s06e14 / Opioid Generation & Hindustan

14th Jul '18 - 3:00am
Opioid Generation & Hindustan

Isobel Yeung examines a surge in West Virginia child welfare cases in light of the country's opioid epidemic. Krishna Andavolu travels across India to investigate the nation's increase in religious nationalism.

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s06e15 / After the Fall

21st Jul '18 - 3:00am
After the Fall

Isobel Yeung returns to Syria to tell the stories of those who were caught in the crossfire between the most feared terror group on Earth and the U.S.-backed coalition, whose collateral damage destroyed most of the city.

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s06e16 / Waiting to Die & Women in War

4th Aug '18 - 3:00am
Waiting to Die & Women in War

"Waiting to Die" America is the only industrialized, Western country still using capital punishment. While a majority of Americans support these executions, it's becoming difficult to actually carry them out. Major pharmaceutical manufacturers no longer want their drugs used in lethal injections, leaving many states scrambling. Now, as some states experiment with unconventional drug cocktails and others turn to more archaic methods, VICE's Gianna Toboni follows one death row inmate on his arduous path to the execution chamber. "Women in War" Yemen has been ripped apart by terrorism, civil war and famine, leading to the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Women and girls are bearing the brunt of the crisis, and there has been a dramatic rise in reported incidents of gender-based violence. In this report, Isobel Yeung follows resilient Yemeni women, who are finding surprising ways to rise above conflict and their traditional roles in Yemen's conservative society.

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s06e17 / Trump's Trade War

11th Aug '18 - 3:00am
Trump's Trade War

Donald Trump made bringing jobs back to America a central part of his campaign. Now, President Trump is trying to do just that, pushing stiff tariffs on imports and working to renegotiate trade deals. "Trade wars are good, and easy to win", President Trump famously said, but some feel his actions may set off an international trade war that could decimate the global economy and actually cost more U.S. jobs. Michael Moynihan tracks the progression of this economic battle royale as it happens.

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s06e18 / A New Leaf & Quantum Supremacy

18th Aug '18 - 3:00am
A New Leaf & Quantum Supremacy

"A New Leaf" The cultivation of coca, the main ingredient in cocaine, has nearly tripled over the past five years in Colombia. As part of the 2016 peace agreement between the government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the country has embarked on a unique experiment to try and end coca farming and production, but freeing Colombia from its cocaine problem is proving difficult. Charlet Duboc travels to the remote towns where coca farming is a way of life to examine the struggle for a cocaine-free Colombia. "Quantum Supremacy" Computer giants are racing to build the first quantum computer, a device with millions of times more processing strength than all the computers currently on Earth combined. This technology will harness the unusual laws of quantum mechanics to bring unimaginable advances in fields like materials science and medicine, but could also pose the greatest threat to cybersecurity yet. Taylor Wilson meets the scientists at the cutting edge of this new age of computing.

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s06e19 / Trans in Texas and Nicaragua Deja Vu

25th Aug '18 - 3:00am
Trans in Texas and Nicaragua Deja Vu

Gianna Toboni returns to Texas to see how the transgender community is fighting to win acceptance and protection. Vikram Gandhi travels to Nicaragua to meet the new revolutionaries there and find out what the future might hold for what was once one of the safest nations in Central America.

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s06e20 / American Piety & Terror in Congo

8th Sep '18 - 3:00am
American Piety & Terror in Congo

"American Piety" White evangelicals comprise a third of all Republican voters and are among the GOP's most organized voting blocs. But wide support for Donald Trump in 2016, against a backdrop of scandals, has brought heavy media scrutiny and now some faith leaders are striving to move evangelicalism away from political associations. Gianna Toboni travels to the Bible Belt to see how evangelicals are navigating today's volatile political environment. "Terror in Congo" Conflict in Eastern Congo has killed as many as six million people, more than any war since WWII. Yet this conflict remains among the most underreported crises in the world. Ben Anderson reports on the ADF (Allied Democratic Forces), one of the least known, but most unhappy groups in the world.

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s06e21 / Engineering Earth

15th Sep '18 - 3:00am
Engineering Earth

Greenhouse gas emissions are at unprecedented levels and still rising. As climate deniers and their allies in industry and government thwart conservationists' efforts, some scientists are working to develop a back-up plan: use technology to "geoengineer" the Earth's atmosphere and reduce the impacts of climate change. Shane Smith and Ben Anderson find out how this technology would work and how effective this radical, and potentially dangerous, plan could be.

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s06e22 / Brainhackers & Fall of Rio

22nd Sep '18 - 3:00am
Brainhackers & Fall of Rio

Thomas Morton takes a look at an emerging push to implant electronic devices inside the human body, hardwire them to our brains, and allow us to not only overcome disadvantages or injury, but open up entirely new avenues of human experience. Ben Anderson visits Rio in the aftermath of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics to find Brazil in a financial crisis, its government consumed with a monumental corruption scandal and violence is rising again as drug trafficking gangs fight for control.

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s06e23 / Consent

29th Sep '18 - 3:00am

One year after the explosive allegations against Harvey Weinstein, the #MeToo movement has impacted everything from Supreme Court nominees and workplace culture to sex and dating. Isobel Yeung takes a searing, personal look at how we define consent, hold assailants accountable and start to move forward.

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s06e24 / Voodoo Wrestling & Big Placebo

6th Oct '18 - 3:00am
Voodoo Wrestling & Big Placebo

Dexter Thomas travels to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to meet the women taking part in the unique sport of Catch Fétiche, in which mystical voodoo rituals and professional wrestling converge. Charlet Duboc meets devotees and skeptics of America's billion dollar alternative medicine industry where lucrative celebrity endorsements and social media influencers have helped fuel a wellness obsession.

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s06e25 / Death Inc. & Bannon's World

10th Nov '18 - 4:00am
Death Inc. & Bannon's World

Gianna Toboni investigates Mexico's spiralling hug rate where there have been over 20,000 homicides in 2018 so far, with over 90% of crimes going unsolved. Michael Moynihan visits Sweden, Italy and Belgium to track Steve Bannon as he aids the rise of right-wing populist parties in Europe.

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s06e26 / The Road to Asylum & Lab Rat Nation

17th Nov '18 - 4:00am
The Road to Asylum & Lab Rat Nation

Krishna Andavolu travels to Central America and the U.S. southern border to see how the Trump administration's narrowed asylum protections have impacted asylum seekers. Vikram Gandhi visits the bizarre world of human guinea pigs, who are often paid thousands of dollars to try unapproved drugs, to get an inside look at these self-proclaimed "lab rats".

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s06e27 / A Living Hell & MDMA for PTSD

24th Nov '18 - 4:00am
A Living Hell & MDMA for PTSD

Ben Anderson returns to Yemen to witness the devastating effects of four years of war and indiscriminate bombing of civilians. He also investigates trials using MDMA-assisted therapy for veterans and first responders suffering from PTSD.

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s06e28 / The War at Home & Putin's Crimea

1st Dec '18 - 4:00am
The War at Home & Putin's Crimea

Gianna Toboni investigates the role firearms play in domestic violence and meets the women working to fix the shortcomings of a legal system that often fails to protect them. Isobel Yeung visits Crimea, which was seized by Russia in 2014, to see how Crimeans are faring under Russian control, and how Ukrainians are clinging to the hope of reunification.

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s06e29 / Doom Boom & Unfair

8th Dec '18 - 4:00am
Doom Boom & Unfair

Thomas Morton investigates the doomsday industry, which is currently thriving thanks to TV shows, movies, hyperpartisan politics and the news media, even the nation's wealthiest citizens are jumping on board to prepare for unknown calamities. Gianna Toboni heads to Mumbai to find out about the cultural bias towards fair skin, which has given rise to a skin-lightening industry worth nearly 0 million.

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s06e30 / Back in the DPRK & California Burning

15th Dec '18 - 4:00am
Back in the DPRK & California Burning

In the wake of a series of inter-Korean summits and the first ever DPRK-U.S. summit, Shane Smith returns to the Korean peninsula to see how Seoul and Pyongyang are reacting to the new détente. Gianna Toboni travels to the scorched town of Paradise to learn what is causing the worsening wildfires in California and how they can survive a future of deadlier fires.

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