State of Surveillance & Killing Dissent Summary

Krishna Andavolu dives into how Big Tech's investment in 'big brother' has allowed a surveillance state to slowly creep into American domestic policy; Ben C. Solomon investigates the poets of Myanmar and their push to rally protests against the military takeover even as they become targeted for death.

Vice Season 8 Episodes...

Vice Show Summary

HBO is partnering with "VICE" on an innovative news magazine show to be hosted by "VICE" founder Shane Smith, it was announced today by Michael Lombardo, president, HBO Programming.

The HBO series will showcase a mix of stories from around the globe. Among the segments in production for possible inclusion in the show are: Taliban child suicide bombers; North Korean slave labor camps; New York's underground voodoo heroin clinics; Somalian pirates; and Satanic dentists in the Pacific Northwest.

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