S02E07 The King Over the Water Summary

After a series of assassination attempts, the queen is forced to seek sanctuary far from the palace. She and Albert travel to the Scottish Highlands, an area that has always fascinated her, but proves to be far from the romantic retreat she had fantasised about. However, travelling incognito gives both the royal couple and their servants a freedom they do not often experience.

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Victoria Show Summary

The ambitious eight-part drama follows the early life of Queen Victoria, from her accession to the throne at the tender age of 18 through to her courtship and marriage to Prince Albert. Victoria went on to rule for 63 years, and was our longest-serving monarch until she was overtaken by Elizabeth II on 9th September this year.

Lord Melbourne is Victoria's first prime minister. The two immediately connected and their intimate friendship became a popular source of gossip that threatened to destabilise the Government - angering both Tory and Whigs alike.

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