Things That Do The Bump In The Night Summary

Minogue and O'Leary get a fright attending a noise complaint at what appears to be a 70s-themed party in Kandallah: when they pull the plug on the record player, everyone disappears. With the help of medium Chloe Patterson, the cops go back into the house to see if it's truly haunted. It is. They see an actual ghost within minutes, something the fake medium has never actually seen and she soon disappears. In trying to find Chloe, Minogue and O'Leary encounter a series of 70s ghosts trapped at a never ending party. Can they break it up or will they be doomed to listen to Tina Cross's "Nothing But Dreams" for all eternity?

Wellington Paranormal Season 1 Episodes...

Wellington Paranormal Show Summary

Sergeant Ruawai Maaka of the Wellington Police enlists the aid of Officers Minogue and O'Leary to tackle paranormal events in New Zealand's capital city. In a police reality show style, the series follows these kiwi cops as they investigate cases such as the demonic possession of a teenager, a noise complaint at a haunted house and a blood bank robbery.

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