When Calls the Heart
Season 3

s03e01 / New Year's Wish

27th Dec '15 - 2:00am
New Year's Wish

The townsfolk celebrate the New Year, which allows Jack and Elizabeth to make a fresh start. Meanwhile, Rosemary and Lee have a new adventure and Pastor Hogan runs into an unwelcome visitor from his past.

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s03e02 / Troubled Hearts

22nd Feb '16 - 2:00am
Troubled Hearts

Elizabeth surprises Jack with a home of her own; Abigail learns of Gowen's latest greedy scheme; Frank's past catches up to him.

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s03e03 / A Time to Speak

29th Feb '16 - 2:00am
A Time to Speak

When the people of Hope Valley learn that Frank is a wanted man, they quickly turn on him. Abigail sets out to prove that the mistakes of the past don't define the future.

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s03e04 / Heart of a Hero

7th Mar '16 - 2:00am
Heart of a Hero

After Hope Valley learns redemption is possible, Abigail and Frank pursue a romance before the heart of the town is tested by the threat of a gang of outlaws.

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s03e05 / A Gentle Heart

14th Mar '16 - 1:00am
A Gentle Heart

Jack and Faith's friendship begins to complicate his relationship with Elizabeth; Abigail pitches in to help a struggling community; a wave of kindness in Hope Valley has everyone opening their heart for a grand occasion.

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s03e06 / Forever in My Heart

21st Mar '16 - 1:00am
Forever in My Heart

Jack prepares to take a big step toward building a life with Elizabeth; Abigail welcomes Becky back into her home before making an emotional decision about their future as a family.

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s03e07 / Heartbreak

28th Mar '16 - 1:00am

Abigail has to come to terms with the sudden arrival of the children's aunt; Elizabeth, Jack and the rest of Hope Valley come to witness a powerful act of love that proves everyone is right where they belong.

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s03e08 / Hearts in Question

4th Apr '16 - 1:00am
Hearts in Question

Jack's mother arrives in Hope Valley and quickly proves to be a challenge for Elizabeth; Rosemary plans her perfect wedding.

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s03e09 / Prayers from the Heart

11th Apr '16 - 1:00am
Prayers from the Heart

A resident of Hope Valley is put in danger after a landslide; a touching celebration of love proves how big people's hearts are.

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