Season 1

s01e01 / Pilot

23rd Sep '11 - 1:30am

When Whitney and Alex, a happily unmarried couple, attend one of their friends' weddings, Whitney realizes that she and Alex are dangerously close to relationship boredom after three years together. Determined not to let that happen, Whitney consults her close circle of opinionated girlfriends Lily and Roxanne.

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s01e02 / First Date

30th Sep '11 - 1:30am
First Date

When Whitney realizes that she and Alex have never gone on an official first date, she comes up with an unusual idea to recreate the past. Taking this very seriously she insists that they follow all of the "rules" of a first date, thus the two awkwardly go to dinner and cap off the night by sleeping in separate apartments.

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s01e03 / Silent Treatment

7th Oct '11 - 1:30am
Silent Treatment

After Whitney catches Alex checking out a hot girl she begs for him to admit to his wandering eye, but much to Mark's delight Alex won't fess up. Whitney decides that the best punishment for her boyfriend is the silent treatment.

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s01e04 / Getting To Know You

14th Oct '11 - 1:30am
Getting To Know You

Whitney is surprised to learn that Alex had a full life before he met her. In an effort to do more things together, they decide to play a friendly game of basketball, but things go awry and a sore loser emerges shocking the gang.

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s01e05 / The Wire

28th Oct '11 - 1:30am
The Wire

After an argument over whether or not Alex uses a condescending "tone", Whitney decides she is going to catch her boyfriend in the act and enlists Mark's help. The two scheme to set up a hidden camera in the couple's apartment. Lily, Roxanne and Neal gather around the television to watch the drama unfold.

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s01e06 / Two Broke-Up Guys

4th Nov '11 - 1:30am
Two Broke-Up Guys

When Alex encourages Mark to recycle his beer can, Mark takes an unusually firm stance against it, causing the two to "break-up". Trying to cheer Alex up, Whitney steps in for guy's night out, only to run into Mark and his new best friend.

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s01e07 / Getting To Know You

11th Nov '11 - 2:30am
Getting To Know You

When Whitney and Alex go on a double date with Roxanne, Whitney is surprised to learn that Alex had a full life before he met her. In an effort to do more things together, they decide to play a friendly game of basketball, but things go awry and a sore loser emerges shocking the gang.

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s01e08 / Clarence!

18th Nov '11 - 2:30am

When Alex\'s childhood dog passes away, Whitney suggests they adopt a dog together. However, the adoption process isn\'t as easy as they\'d hoped especially when dealing with pound owner Mrs. Janks.

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s01e09 / Up All Night

2nd Dec '11 - 2:30am
Up All Night

Excited for her upcoming nuptials, Lily asks Whitney to be her maid of honor and plan an engagement party for her and her fiance, Neal.

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s01e10 / Christmas Is Cummings

9th Dec '11 - 2:30am
Christmas Is Cummings

Whitney and Alex scheme a way to skip out on their family gatherings to start new holiday traditions with their friends Lily, Neal, Mark and Roxanne. However, Whitney\'s little white lie to her mother Candi and an unexpected visit from her father, Vince, cause her perfect plan of merriment to unravel.

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s01e11 / Private Parts

12th Jan '12 - 1:00am
Private Parts

When Alex refuses to share the password to his phone, Whitney, who believes that they should share everything, becomes upset. Deciding they both need some solo time, they each plan a night out without each other - but when Whitney comes home early she finds Alex in a compromising position.

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s01e12 / Faking It

19th Jan '12 - 1:00am
Faking It

Whitney and Lily begin to plan "the perfect" wedding, but Lily's traditional vision for her big day takes Whitney by surprise and ends up causing a riff between the two friends.

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s01e13 / Codependence Day

26th Jan '12 - 1:00am
Codependence Day

In an effort to help Whitney earn some money, Roxanne hires her to be her assistant and office spy. Willing to do anything to help Roxanne, Whitney befriends Lindsay (Kathy Griffin), the assistant to Roxanne's nemesis, and goes out of her way to appeal to her.

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s01e14 / Mind Games

2nd Feb '12 - 1:00am
Mind Games

When Whitney becomes close to a male co-worker, Alex begins to feels a little jealous. The two notice a disconnect in their relationship and decide to go to see Dr. Grant, a couples therapist who assigns at home exercises designed to improve communication and intimacy - and result in some awkward moments.

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s01e15 / Lance!

9th Feb '12 - 1:00am

Whitney is shocked to discover that Roxanne\'s ex-husband Lance (Hayes MacArthur) is back in town. Whitney tries to dig up dirt on Lance so that she can convince Roxanne that he is not a changed man, but instead ends up with a surprise of her own.

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s01e16 / 48 Hours

16th Feb '12 - 1:00am
48 Hours

After Mark breaks it off with yet another woman, he shares his personal theory - explaining that couples know within 48-hours of meeting if they want to be together. Not surprisingly, everyone agrees that they knew they had met their soul mates within that timeframe except Whitney. Trying to prove her wrong, Alex takes Whitney on a trip back to 2008 and the night they first met. While reminiscing, it is discovered that Lily and Roxanne needed some special help to discover that they might actually like each other.

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s01e17 / Mad Women

23rd Feb '12 - 1:00am
Mad Women

Trying out a new shapelier bra Whitney gets more than she bargains for when she entices Alex with her enhanced look. After Roxanne calls it quits with Lance, she asks Mark to help pack up his stuff, but things become complicated when Mark decides to take advantage of the situation. Meanwhile, Lily and Neal begin discussing a pre-nup, but the conversation leaves them wondering if they should even get married.

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s01e18 / Homeland Security

1st Mar '12 - 1:00am
Homeland Security

When confronted by a mugger Whitney's reaction surprises both she and Alex. After Lily and Neal call off their wedding, Lily enlists her also newly single friend Roxanne to help keep her busy. Meanwhile, Mark tries to be a good friend by letting Neal stay at his place and encourages him to open up about his feelings.

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s01e19 / The Ex Box

8th Mar '12 - 1:00am
The Ex Box

When Whitney finds a box of stuff from Alex\'s old girlfriend in the basement, she confronts Alex about it. Not satisfied with his answers she turns to Mark and gets more information than she bargained for. Meanwhile, trying to be the perfect roommate for Roxanne, Lily only seems to make things worse. Later, Neal enlists Whitney\'s help to stage a post break-up run in with Lily hoping to make things less awkward.

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s01e20 / G-Word

15th Mar '12 - 12:00am

The group realizes that they haven\'t heard from Neal in a while so Whitney and Alex decide to make a surprise visit to his apartment and find him on what appears to be a date. Trying to be supportive, Whitney has the gang over for dinner, giving Neal the perfect opportunity to break the news to Lily in person.

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s01e21 / Something Old, Something New

22nd Mar '12 - 12:00am
Something Old, Something New

Alex returns from a bachelor party and makes a drunken marriage proposal to Whitney. She laughs it off, but when she finds out that he broke her one rule about strip clubs - no going into the Champagne room - she sets out to find Britnee, the dancer who lured him in. The confrontation takes a turn and Alex once again takes a knee. Meanwhile, Lily and Neal continue to figure out their new friendship and Mark begins to realize that he has feelings for Roxanne.

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s01e22 / Something Black, Something Blue

29th Mar '12 - 12:00am
Something Black, Something Blue

Alex and Whitney head to City Hall to make it official, but finding out that Whitney's driver's license is expired sparks a chain of unusual events that interfere with their plans to wed. Later, Whitney's dad seemingly comes to the rescue, but it may be too late. Elsewhere, Neal and Lily lead Mark to confess his feelings for Roxanne.

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