Greg Proops Summary

"Good evening and welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway?. Tonight performers, the man with the crazy last name, Greg Proops. He's what's for dinner, Wayne Brady. The handsomest man in Canada, Colin Mochrie. And his son, Ryan Stiles. I'm your host, Drew Carey, c'mon, let's have some fun!"

LETS MAKE A DATE-Greg questions. Wayne-old blues player, Colin-excitable dog, Ryan-auctioneer.
SOUND EFFECTS-An ambulance driver on his first ever emergency call. Colin acts, Ryan does the sound.
HATS-World Worst Dating Agency Video.
GREATEST HITS-Songs of Accounting-Ryan & Colin introduces, Wayne sings.
PARTY QUIRKS-Greg hosts. Wayne-in a slow-motion fight scene, Colin-accident-prone circus performer, Ryan-foal being born.

WINNER-Wayne Brady
FOREIGN FILM DUB-"Banished on the Breezes" in Farsi. Wayne & Drew act, Ryan & Greg translate, Colin hosts.

Whose Line Is It Anyway? Season 1 Episodes...

Whose Line Is It Anyway? Show Summary

Whose Line Is It Anyway? (1998-2004, 2013 - ?) is a continuation of the British show of the same name which aired from 1988 to 1998 with many of the same performers.

It features some of the nation's finest improvisational comedians, including Florida's Wayne Brady, Canada's Colin Mochrie, and Ryan Stiles and Drew Carey from The Drew Carey Show.

Each week, the preceding four and a rotating group of actors and actresses spontaneously played games with outrageous scenes, weird quirks, or (sometimes off-key) songs.

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