The Very Thought of You Summary

The detectives look into the Hollywood Slayer's past, discovering that his aspiring actress mother, Rita Forrester, overdosed when he was eight. Later, they find Mallory's body, and discover Fly Brand cocaine on her person, prompting Jack to reach out to Dianne in order to contact her drug boss Graham Walker. Graham recognizes Paco from their war days, identifying him as a former drug addict, causing Paco to become defensive. Jack is told by one of Graham's prostitutes that their hugger had paid her to act dead during their meetings. Kent, dressed up as another one of his aliases, takes Betty to a party, where they pick up a victim under the guise of inviting her to a photoshoot. After drugging the girl, the two stab her to death. The next morning, Kent tells Betty about his mother; Betty promises to never abandon him. Meanwhile, Karen is interviewed on television about her role in the case, and subsequently gets a job offer from her dream employer Rolling Stone, angering Diver. After finding old head shots of Rita, Jack realizes that the hugger is dressing up his victims like his mother. He also discovers one of Rita's old audition tapes, featuring a young Kent. Elsewhere, Dianne and Bucket have an audience with Graham, who blames the latter for the cops' knowledge of him. He then shoots Bucket in the head.

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Wicked City Show Summary

In 1982 Los Angeles, police detectives Jack Roth and Paco Contreras are partnered up to investigate a series of murders along the Sunset Strip. The detectives enlist the help of young journalist Karen McClaren and photographer Diver Hawkes, undercover cop and Jack's mistress Dianne Kubek, drug dealers, and club-goers in order to uncover the Hollywood Slayer.

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