Season 1

s01e01 / Happiness

24th Jun '11 - 2:00am

Ryan is asked to watch his neighbor's dog, Wilfred, who looks like a dog to everyone else but appears as a man in a dog suit to Ryan. Ryan has also just attempted suicide before he is supposed to start a new job.

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s01e02 / Trust

1st Jul '11 - 2:00am

Ryan lies to Wilfred to do Jenna a favor and learns a disturbing secret about her in return. At the beach, Ryan is fined for taking dog Wilfred to the beach.

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s01e03 / Fear

8th Jul '11 - 2:00am

Ryan gets into trouble when his neighbor Spencer visits to give Ryan his wallet back and find the one responsible for the break in.

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s01e04 / Acceptance

15th Jul '11 - 2:00am

Wilfred has a shocking experience when Ryan leaves him at a doggy day care to reconcile with Kristen.

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s01e05 / Respect

22nd Jul '11 - 2:00am

Wilfred reveals an extraordinary ability when Ryan takes him to a hospice to volunteer.

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s01e06 / Conscience

29th Jul '11 - 2:00am

Wilfred asks for Ryan's help to break up Jenna and her boyfriend.

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s01e07 / Pride

5th Aug '11 - 2:00am

Love interests for both Ryan and Wilfred enter their lives.

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s01e08 / Anger

12th Aug '11 - 2:00am

When Wilfred learns that Ryan feels responsible for his childhood dog's death, he assists him in find out what happened back then.

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s01e09 / Compassion

19th Aug '11 - 2:00am

Ryan's resentment of his mother even grows when she moves in and becomes friends with Wilfred.

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s01e10 / Isolation

19th Aug '11 - 2:30am

Wilfred tries to find Ryan a human friend.

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s01e11 / Doubt

26th Aug '11 - 2:00am

Ryan meets someone who questions Ryan's friendship to Wilfred.

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s01e12 / Sacrifice

2nd Sep '11 - 2:00am

Just as Ryan finds happiness in his life, Wilfred begs him to sacrifice it for a larger purpose.

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s01e13 / Identity

9th Sep '11 - 2:00am

A crisis arises when Ryan ignores Wilfred's advice.

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