Without a Trace
Season 6

s06e01 / Lost Boy

28th Sep '07 - 2:00am
Lost Boy Summary

The four-year-old adopted son of a celebrity couple is kidnapped, and the team must determine if the reason has to deal with the parents' status or the boy's own Sudanese origin.

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s06e02 / Clean Up

5th Oct '07 - 2:00am
Clean Up Summary

The team considers if a father who cleans crime scenes for a living led to his disappearance with his daughter.

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s06e03 / Res Ipsa

12th Oct '07 - 2:00am
Res Ipsa Summary

The team searches for a missing mother who they believe may be searching for her son, who is also missing.

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s06e04 / Baggage

26th Oct '07 - 2:00am
Baggage Summary

When a woman disappears after her boyfriend ishuged by the police, the team suspects gang involvement. Later, Sam learns she's pregnant.

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s06e05 / Run

2nd Nov '07 - 2:00am
Run Summary

An office shooting forces a woman to disappear, possibly to hide a deep secret.

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s06e06 / Where & Why

9th Nov '07 - 3:00am
Where & Why Summary

Malone's team joins forces with Gil Grissom, a CSI from Las Vegas, and his team as they track a serial hugger with ties to New York.

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s06e07 / Absalom

16th Nov '07 - 3:00am
Absalom Summary

When a college student disappears after making racial remarks in a class, the team wonders if those may be directly connected to his disappearance.

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s06e08 / Fight/Flight

23rd Nov '07 - 3:00am
Fight/Flight Summary

The disappearance of an ultimate fighter leads the team to investigate his background, where they learn the man had a number of enemies.

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s06e09 / One Wrong Move

7th Dec '07 - 3:00am
One Wrong Move Summary

The team determines if an ex-con's past criminal activity caused her to disappear after visiting a prison inmate. Det. Mars and Agent Johnson also continue their investigation.

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s06e10 / Claus and Effect

14th Dec '07 - 3:00am
Claus and Effect Summary

A child prodigy turned store Santa vanishes and the team wonders if he had criminal connections.

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s06e11 / 4G

11th Jan '08 - 3:00am
4G Summary

Malone and his team start off the new year investigating how a private investigator might have gone missing.

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s06e12 / Article 32

18th Jan '08 - 3:00am
Article 32 Summary

The team work on a case where a veterans-hospital worker vanishes and have two leads.

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s06e13 / Hard Reset

4th Apr '08 - 2:00am
Hard Reset Summary

Jack goes missing after taking a case into his own hands which soon becomes intertwined with a human trafficking prostitution case that Vivian is working on.

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s06e14 / A Bend In the Road

11th Apr '08 - 2:00am
A Bend In the Road Summary

While struggling to deal with the aftermath of Jack's accident, the team searches to find a teen heart transplant recipient, believing her disappearance might be connected to her donor. Samantha talks to Brian.

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s06e15 / Deja Vu

25th Apr '08 - 2:00am
Deja Vu Summary

The team searches for a coma patient who had woken up after three years only to disappear.

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s06e16 / A Dollar and a Dream

2nd May '08 - 2:00am
A Dollar and a Dream Summary

After the latest lottery winner goes missing, the team works to figure out why.

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s06e17 / Driven

9th May '08 - 2:00am
Driven Summary

A truck driver goes missing after saving a boy's life, and the team determines if that has anything to do with his disappearance. Meanwhile, Jack's mental health is examined by a psychiatrist.

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s06e18 / Satellites

16th May '08 - 2:00am
Satellites Summary

Five people with an odd connection go missing from a coffee shop, and the team determines what the connection had to do with their disappearance. Meanwhile, Spade gets ready for the birth of her child.

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