Young Rock
Season 1

s01e01 / Working the Gimmick

17th Feb '21 - 1:00am
Working the Gimmick

As Dwayne Johnson runs for president in 2032, he reflects on his life that's shaped him into the man he is today, from growing up in a resilient family surrounded by wrestling icons, to navigating rebellious teen years, to playing NCAA football at the U.

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s01e02 / On the Road Again

24th Feb '21 - 1:00am
On the Road Again

Pennsylvania, 1987: Dwayne pretends he's rich to impress popular girl Karen, but a date to Rocky's wrestling match at the flea market risks exposes the truth. Stressed about money, Ata takes on a wealthy new client.

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s01e03 / Forward, Together

3rd Mar '21 - 1:00am
Forward, Together

Hawaii, 1982: When wrestlers start dropping out of Lia's Battle Royale, she suspects a rival promoter may be to blame. As Rocky's wrestling career skyrockets, Ata takes a leap of faith to pursue a musical dream.

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s01e04 / Check Your Head

17th Mar '21 - 12:00am
Check Your Head

Miami, 1990: Dwayne looks to crack the starting line up as a freshman for the famed Miami Hurricanes football team attracting the attention of players, coaches and celebrities. However, an unexpected incident sends his season and life into turmoil.

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s01e05 / Don't Go Breaking My Heart

24th Mar '21 - 12:00am
Don't Go Breaking My Heart

Pennsylvania, 1987: Ata's relationship with Dwayne gets tested after Ata makes a heartbreaking discovery about her son. With Rocky on the road, Ata must take matters into her own hands.

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s01e06 / My Day with Andre

31st Mar '21 - 12:00am
My Day with Andre

Hawaii, 1982: Dewey spends a day with Andre the Giant that neither will ever forget. Lia and Rocky prepare for the huge Island Battle Royale, where more than the title is at stake. In 2032, candidate Johnson reveals his running mate.

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s01e07 / Johnson & Hopkins

7th Apr '21 - 12:00am
Johnson & Hopkins

Miami, 1991: When Dwayne gets an on-campus job at the University of Miami, he goes on an epic adventure with his new work partner, Hopkins. Meanwhile, Lia returns to the United States after being deported to Samoa, where she was homeless. Rocky and Ata notice that something has changed.

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s01e08 / My Baby Only Drinks the Good Stuff

14th Apr '21 - 12:00am
My Baby Only Drinks the Good Stuff

Pennsylvania, 1987: When Karen asks to come over to his house for dinner, Dwayne panics - he's been lying to her about being rich. Meanwhile, in 2032 Candidate Johnson tackles an emerging public relations crisis.

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s01e09 / A Lady Named Star Search

21st Apr '21 - 12:00am
A Lady Named Star Search

Hawaii, 1982: While Ata prepares for her Star Search audition, Rocky takes an unorthodox approach to helping Dewey deal with some bullies. Meanwhile, Lia's conflict with rival wrestling promoter Greg Yao has her on edge, and she takes extreme measures to protect the family business.

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s01e10 / Good vs Great

28th Apr '21 - 12:00am
Good vs Great

Miami, 1990s: After a devastating injury his freshman year, Dwayne strives to get his college football career back on track. As he fights for playing time, he wonders if big dreams and hard work are enough to get him to the NFL.

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s01e11 / Election Day

5th May '21 - 12:00am
Election Day

As election day 2032 approaches, Dwayne Johnson reflects on the ups and downs his family endured during his childhood in Hawaii, Pennsylvania and Miami, and how the unpredictability of his family's story prepared him for this moment.

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